What Is the Single Greatest Advantage of Microlearning?

Microlearning is an incredibly popular method for e-learning because it has been seen to be effective. Why it works so well and the single greatest advantage of microlearning is worth looking into. 

Microlearning Addresses Short Attention Spans

The single biggest advantage of microlearning is its ability to address the challenge of the short attention spans of today’s learners. Even if you create the most interesting content, your learners will struggle with paying attention to lessons that are more than a few hours long. That is just the way the human mind works. 

Microlearning overcomes this challenge by dramatically reducing the amount of time that your learners need to pay attention. Microlearning sessions last for just one, two, five, or 10 minutes instead of a typical session that lasts for hours. It goes without saying that it is much easier to stay engaged for a few minutes rather than an hour or more. 

Simply put, microlearning enables learners to complete a single lesson and proceed with other activities after. They can repeat the process as many times as they want to get the best out of the learning experience. There is an option to take multiple microlearning sessions consecutively for rare individuals who can stay engaged for extended periods. For most people, however, the shorter sessions and breaks in between make it much easier to stay engaged. 

Bonus Advantage: Microlearning Creates Searchable Content

While the ability to overcome short attention spans is the biggest advantage of microlearning, it also results in searchable content. When you make an e-learning program with microlearning, searchable content is created quite naturally. 

After all, each lesson should have its own title and description. If someone wants to go back to a specific topic they’ve learned, they can easily search for it on the Internet. Relevant microlearning lessons will emerge from their search, which they can watch for just a few minutes. The ease of this search is definitely better than searching for a particular fact or piece of advice in a course that spans a few hours long. It is like looking for a needle in a haystack and would seem almost impossible to accomplish without a transcript. 

People Retain Very Little

Searchable content via microlearning is especially important because we retain a surprisingly small amount of the information from watching videos. Only about 10 percent of what we learn from a video will stay in our memory. 

Microlearning’s searchability enables learners to engage in retrospective learning. This is the process of rewatching various microlessons to further absorb topics that may be difficult to grasp at the onset. 


The single greatest advantage of microlearning is that it works with short attention spans. People simply learn very little and have difficulty staying engaged for hours on end. Most learners benefit from learning in shorter bursts, allowing them to decompress and focus on other activities for a few minutes. On top of that, the searchability of microlearning content enables learners to find specific topics easily and engage in the effective process of retrospective learning. 

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