From Casa Bonita to Fitness Coaching: "Finding Your Calling" with Robbie Hall

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In this episode, you’ll witness an amazing journey of Robbie Hall from working at Casa Bonita to finding his calling as a fitness and nutrition coach. Robbie is an open book; he shares his experiences of working at the restaurant, his strict upbringing as a Jehovah's Witness, and the challenges he had to overcome in his way of building an authentic life and business. Robbie shared the outside-of-the-box strategies that helped him build a raving community of fans, contributing to his business success. 

In this episode:

[00:00] Casa Bonita: Diving, Parties, and Close Calls

[05:03] From Serving to Managing

[07:05] Growing Up as a Jehovah's Witness

[12:26] From Party Life to Fitness and Yoga

[23:59] Facing Challenges in Yoga Teacher Training

[25:01] The Turning Point: A Personal Revelation

[25:59] From Dreaming to Teaching

[28:13] Navigating the Pandemic as a Fitness Instructor 

[29:52] The Birth of Mobile Muscle

[32:16] The Gamification of Life

[35:32] Building a Business with Heart and Community

[38:21] Outside-of-the-box Strategies for Business Growth


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