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VIP eLearning Community

Become part of the VIP eLearning Community where you will have access to the Co-Founders of eLearning Partners, and most importantly, a community of like-minded leaders developing eLearning Programs for their employees and Online Courses for their customers.

As a VIP eLearning Community Member, you will have access to:

Monthly 90-Minute Group Coaching Call

Every month we meet over Zoom to discuss the challenges you are having with your eLearning objectives, and as a community, we collectively discuss and identify what you need to do to overcome those challenges. 

The Community

No matter what your eLearning objectives are, you will always have an entire community that has your back. Whether you have an eLearning challenge or win you want to celebrate, you will have access to a community of eLearnings leaders.

Unlimited LMS Support

If you are using Kajabi, LearnWorlds, TalentLMS, or TalentCards, you will have access to a private support channel with the eLearning Partners team to answer any questions you have with your Learning Management System. 

New Monthly Mini-Courses

Every month we release a new mini-course based on the biggest challenges that you and the community are having, along with the latest and greatest trends in eLearning so you always know what to do next.

Unlock the Vault

Access mini-courses and materials with insights and metrics on how to stay ahead of the market when developing your eLearning Program(s) or Online Course(s). Also, what's in the vault cannot be found anywhere else.

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  • Moving your Training or Expertise Online: A fail-proof step-by-step guide with everything you need to know when transforming your training and/or expertise into an eLearning Program or Online Course
  • Exclusive updates and important information regarding the VIP eLearning Community that you will only be able to access here

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