We create training, instructional, animated, and microlearning videos 7x faster, with 200% higher Learner engagement, and cut your time in half

You no longer need to stress about creating eLearning videos on your own, hoping they will not only engage your Learners, but also give you a return on your time and monetary investment. We have perfected a seamless educational video production process to take the knowledge you and your subject matter experts have and deliver it faster, with premium quality, and the highest Learner engagement levels in the industry.

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We are not a video production company. We are an eLearning company.

Hi, we are the Co-Founders of eLearning Partners, Jonny and Hector.

Premium eLearning video production and animated training video production are the most valuable educational video production services we offer in our business because we have not only produced 1000s of hours of training, instructional, and microlearning videos over the past decade, but we have also produced all of the content for our own course (eLearning Simplified Academy) and YouTube channel (@e-learningpartners). This means that we not only talk the talk, we walk the walk. If we didn't, our online courses wouldn't sell. Our premium team lives and breathes eLearning every single day and produces 100s of hours of eLearning videos a year. And since we do it 7x faster and with 200% higher Learner engagement, our schedule fills up quickly, so let us know how much content you want us to help you produce now.

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A handful of clients we have created eLearning Video Content for:

At some point, it's too stressful to do it by yourself...

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of eLearning and online course videos you need to create? Are you tired of recording uninspiring screen capture videos? Are you ready to win your time back, but the promise of eLearning has taken even more of your time? Is it time to stop working with freelancers and people who say they know how to build training videos and work with a someone that has been in your shoes? Do you simply feel alone and need a partner to not only support you, but take ownership of creating all of the video content for you?

We can relate. We built our first online course, The Netflix of Personal Connection (don't bother looking it up, it doesn't exist because it was a mess!) by trying to assemble a superhero team of vendors who were great at their respective disciplines, but they had never built and sold an online course before. The result - $150K later, we gave up.

We knew there had to be a better way and that a company (and more importantly a team) needed to be created that specialized in one thing - eLearning.

And we knew that the most time-intensive part was actually producing the training, instructional, microlearning, and eLearning videos that made up the course in the first place. And more importantly, developing it so your Learners will actually engage and enjoy it enough to come back for more.

Lastly, after working with multiple Oscar award-winning directors, we also didn't want to sacrifice video quality. Just because you don't have an unlimited budget like James Cameron for the 2nd Avatar movie, doesn't mean you and your Learners should suffer with lackluster videos.

Premium eLearning video content was born.

Now, we create 100s of hours of training, instructional, microlearning, and eLearning videos a year and...

In 2021, we launched our 2nd online course (eLearning Simplified Academy) using the same process we use to build 1000s of hours of videos for 100s of clients over the past decade.

You see, we discovered that you can't just record a video whenever you have time, because guess what? You will never have time to create everything you want on your own. And, without a team that specifically specializes in developing videos for eLearning and online courses, you are just hoping that the videos you create engage your Learners. At some point, you need the undeniable power of an eLearning partner, that not only can produce dozens of hours of content for you 7xs faster, but also knows exactly how to produce content that is guaranteed to engage your Learners.

The real "secret" is having a premium team, so you can win your time back.

Without a team you can trust, you will always feel like you have to intervene, review every single detail, and redo it yourself. Because who knows your eLearning program or online course content better than you and your other subject matter experts?

No one (Well, hopefully your Learners because the videos you are creating for them are dope).

Well, it can take months and a lot of times, years to assemble a superhero team that you trust. And another year or more to train them to do what you need right NOW.

Then you have to think through your options. Do you hire someone full-time? But what if you don’t have enough work for them? Or if you have to let them go because the economy takes a shift?

Or do you hire a freelancer or a team of freelancers you hope will care about your project as much as you. And also, guess what, they are contractors so they can prioritize your project, however, they want.

And omg, there is the management of all of these people. What did you get yourself into?

We understand because we have been there too, which is why we have built our seamless educational video production system and have assembled the best team of eLearning video producers and editors in the world.

So all you have to do is let us know how many hours of video content you are producing, and our team that lives and breathes eLearning video production will deliver premium eLearning video content to you.

And we will give you some tips that have saved our clients 10s of thousands of dollars along the way, and cut the time you have to spend on this project in half.

Results our clients are getting from Premium eLearning Videos:

Premium eLearning Videos

Premium eLearning video production and animation is the most valuable service we offer because we not only develop videos with 200% higher Learner engagement, you and your team will immediately win your time back working with a partner that truly cares about your project and your Learners. Here is what you will receive upon working with us:

100% Ownership + Finished Video Files

No one else but you owns your videos. After completing your Premium eLearning Videos, you will receive all of the video files (i.e. .mov) that we create for you.

Virtual Production Meetings

By meeting throughout the educational video production process, we get to know each other so we can better serve you (and your Learners) and knock down any roadblocks that may occur.

Streamlined Editing & Feedback

See multiple video cuts and easily share feedback with our team using our free & easy-to-use video review software that automatically timecodes your notes.

eLearning Video Studio

We custom-built our film studio exclusively for Premium eLearning Videos and made it as painless as possible for you (and your SMEs) to deliver your content.

Whiteboard & Character Animation

Typically whiteboard and character animation is either way too expensive, and/or it just takes way too long to get anything produced. Not with our team. Are we the cheapest? No, but we are the fastest and highest quality for a reasonable price.

Watch our Premium eLearning Video demo reel: 


And here are samples from some of our clients' biggest wins:

Click on the "+" to see some of our favorite client case studies.

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Here is how our process works:

Kick-Off Meeting

We will meet with you and your team to review the following:

  • Project timeline
  • Schedule virtual production meetings
  • Schedule studio shoots
  • Editing & feedback process
  • Access to project assets

Studio Shoots (if needed)

Skip this step if we are just editing or creating animated training videos for you. Otherwise, we are excited to have you as our guest in our eLearning video studio, exclusively built for producing training, educational, micro-learning, and instructional videos. And since we care about your success, we always book a full day for each shoot we schedule.

Editing & Feedback

No need to remember the timecode, or which videos you have or haven't given feedback on. We have an easy-to-navigate spreadsheet we create so you can easily see how far along each piece of content is in the production process. In addition, we use software for you to give us feedback when it is most convenient for you.

LMS Ready Videos

Once we complete the videos so that you and your Learners absolutely love them, we will deliver the finished video files to you in whatever file format you need for your learning management system or other distribution software. And remember you have 100% ownership of your videos! Super exciting, we know.

What Premium eLearning Videos can do for your eLearning program or online course...

Building and growing your eLearning program and online courses are ultimately supposed to help automate your business and save everyone time right?

Exactly right. The problem is a lot of people find it really hard to believe when their workload increases dramatically once they dive in and start creating videos and other types of training content. We get it! This is exactly how we felt when creating our first eLearning program.

The goal is to free up your time, capture your subject matter experts' knowledge, and scale your business, but we felt like we were taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back with every video we produced, until...

We had the support of a team that could create exponentially more videos than we could do on our own and make it so simple for us to take the knowledge we already had and get it on video without having to create a bunch of new materials (slides, guides, books, etc.).

We had some materials already created that were great, so we wanted to be able to do something special with those materials because of all of the work that went into them, but had zero desire to create anything else.

By investing in Premium eLearning Videos you are tapping into more than a decade of knowledge troubleshooting the best way to take what is in your and your subject matter experts' heads (and sometimes slides, guides, books, etc.) and capture it on video in a way that is worthy of you and your brand.

Here are some more of the benefits you can expect:

  • Create 100s of videos, 7xs faster without working more hours
  • Watch your Learner engagement levels skyrocket from 20-30% to 60-70% (this is growth of 200%+)
  • Make your education materials (i.e. PPT slides) you have worked your butt off to create, shine as if they were meant to be on the National Geographic channel
  • Capture your knowledge without having to create any slides or materials (if you already have some - great, let's make them look awesome)
  • Cut your and your subject matter experts' time in half
  • Build your and your subject matter experts' confidence on camera now and for any future videos we create together
  • Surround yourself with a team who lives and breathes training, educational, instructional, microlearning, and eLearning video production that will be accountable for your eLearning/online course goals

Is Premium eLearning Video Content a good fit for your business?

We understand that Premium eLearning Video is not the best fit for everyone. We care about your success, and if we are not the right partner for you, we want you to go in the direction that is best for you and your business. Here are the key requirements that you and your business need to have to be a good fit:

  • You must be earning top-line annual revenue of at least $500,000/year
  • You must have a budget of at least $80/finished minute of Premium eLearning Video
  • You must be committed to providing us feedback in a timely manner so we can serve you and your Learners as quickly as possible (7x faster only works if we work together)
  • You must take responsibility and communicate any challenges that you are having throughout the process

If you and your business meet these requirements and are ready to develop Premium eLearning Video, submit your video request below.

Premium eLearning Video is a value-based investment, which means that you will be investing at least $80 per finished minute of videos produced because you value you and your team's time to be spent on other things including spending time with your family and friends instead of stressing out about your eLearning program.

If this is you, take a moment right now to fill out the short video request form below, and once we review it, we'll contact you to set up a 30-minute strategy call.

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What working with eLearning Partners is like...


So, you may be wondering, "how many hours of Premium eLearning Videos do I need for my online course?"

That is a great question that we get all the time! We have had many of our clients in your shoes where they didn't know exactly how many hours they should purchase for their online course. 

To start, they either bought 1 hour, 3 hours, or 5 hours of content. 

You may be asking, "What happens if I purchase 1 hour of content but end up needing more?"

No sweat! For example, if you purchased 1 hour and end up needing 4 hours, we will create the additional 3 hours and price it accordingly, without skipping a heartbeat.

You may also be wondering, "What happens if I purchase 5 hours of content but end up needing 3 hours?"

We got your back! Whatever hours were not needed in the end, we will refund you. In this case, we would refund you the dollar amount equal to 2 hours of content. 

Ok, now that you know how many hours you should purchase, let's talk about how each hour will be broken into micro-learning.

Don't worry, after creating an hour of Premium eLearning Videos we won't just give you 1 video that is 60 minutes long. 

When we start working with you, we will discover what the length of each micro-learning video should be and make the number of videos that add up to an hour of content. Here is how it could look:

  • 20 videos that are 3 minutes long
  • 12 videos that are 5 minutes long
  • 6 videos that are 10 minutes long
  • 4 videos that are 15 minutes long
  • 3 videos that are 20 minutes long 

"Great! But does this mean that all of my videos have to be the same length?"

No, not at all! We mix and match all the time based on how much time a topic needs.

Here is how it could look: 

  • Client Example 1: 1x hour of video
    • 3x 10-minute videos (30 minutes) + 3x 5-minute videos (15 minutes) + 5x 3-minute videos (15 minutes) = 1x hour (60 minutes)
    • In this example, our client purchased 1 hour of video equaling 11 videos
  • Client Example 2: 3x hours of video
    • 2x 20-minute videos (40 minutes) + 4x 15-minute videos (60 minutes) + 5x 10-minute videos (50 minutes) + 6x 5-minute videos (30 minutes) = 3x hours (180 minutes)
    • In this example, our client purchased 3 hours of video equaling 17 videos
  • Client Example 3: 5x hours of video
    • 5x 15-minute videos (75 minutes) + 12x 10-minute videos (120 minutes) + 18x 5-minute videos (90 minutes) + 5x 3-minute videos (15 minutes) = 5x hours (300 minutes)
    • In this example, our client purchased 5 hours of video equaling 40 videos

As you can see, there are many different ways to break down 1 or more hours of video! Unless you already know how long you want your videos to be, it is not your job to figure that out right now. This is something that we can do together.


"Awesome, so I am ready to get started, what is your process?"

Let's go! We like to keep things very simple, so the next step is to schedule a Kick-Off meeting with you and your team. In our Kick-Off meeting we will do the following:

  • Formalize the Premium eLearning Video production timeline

  • Schedule “virtual production meetings” throughout the process

  • Schedule "eLearning video studio" shoots (if needed)

  • Go through our "streamlined editing & feedback” process so it is seamless for you

  • Get access to any branding, graphics, and video footage needed from you for the project

The project will then progress like this:

  1. Kick-off meeting

  2. eLearning video studio shoots (if needed)

  3. Streamlined editing and feedback

  4. Delivery of finished LMS ready videos to you (and remember you have 100% ownership of them)

So, go ahead and fill out the form below and if you still aren't sure how many hours you need, input 1 hour to start.

We are looking forward to meeting you soon! 

Submit Video Request

Submit your information below, and we'll review your request and timeline. We will reach out to you to schedule a 30-minute call to discuss the next steps. 

Premium eLearning video production is the most valuable service we offer because we not only develop videos with 200% higher Learner engagement, you and your team will immediately win your time back. Our team takes this very seriously with a significant commitment of time, effort, and energy into your success.

We look forward to the potential opportunity to be your premium eLearning video content partner.


Jonny, Hector & the eLearning Partners™ Team

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