3 Affordable eLearning Solutions to Save You Money


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There is a long list of eLearning software available, so how do you know which one to choose? We've gathered the top programs and one each for internal and external courses. As a refresher, internal courses are those that you use to train employees or other users within the organization. External courses are those you sell for a profit. So, let’s dive into ways to take advantage of affordable eLearning solutions. 

Affordable eLearning Solution #1. Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, or Apple Numbers 

The absolutely most affordable eLearning option is going to be Google Sheets (or Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers). You won’t host your content in Sheets, but you will use it to organize the course and provide access to the content. 

We suggest structuring the Sheet as follows: 

  • Milestone or learning objective at the top (or first column)
  • Module name in the second column
  • Module number in the third column
  • Topic in the fourth column
  • Link to content in the fifth column

Go through the above steps for all of your learning objectives. When it comes to numbering modules, you want to do it based on milestones. So, if you have three modules for milestone one, they would be 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3. This numbering scheme helps keep your modules organized. 

As for the content link, your options are limitless. Host the content on YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, a Google Drive folder, or even one of the other platforms we’ll mention below. 

Affordable eLearning Solution #2. Loom

Loom is another great option. It is very inexpensive and is actually free for up to 25 videos. Each of those videos can be up to five minutes long, which makes them perfect for microlearning. One of the great things about Loom is that you can do everything right in the program. 

You can use Loom to screen capture your device, creating the videos. Then, you can edit the videos right in Loom. You can organize the videos into folders, dedicating a course or module to each folder. Then, just share the links to the videos with your learners. For free or internal software, you can just share the link. For paid software, you can ask for payment before providing access to the link. 

Affordable eLearning Solution #3. Talent Cards (for Internal Courses)

Google Sheets and Loom both work well for either internal or external programs, but our final suggestion is different depending on the type of course or audience you have. We suggest Talent Cards for internal courses. Talent Cards is excellent as an affordable eLearning option because it is highly intuitive for learners and you as the course creator. 

The user interface is very similar to social media platforms like TikTok or Instagram. This makes it highly intuitive. You can also get a free trial with up to five learners to confirm your learners like Talent Cards. Then, you can pay just $50 a month to train 50 employees and save money with annual billing. 

Affordable eLearning Solution #4. Kajabi (for External Courses)

If you have an external course, we suggest Kajabi. It is a bit more expensive than some other options, but you get more. Kajabi does more than just serve as eLearning software. It also handles your website, sales funnels, email hosting, email marketing, landing pages, and more. 

This means that while you will pay about $120 a month, that is a lot less than you would pay for all of those things individually. And you get the benefit of everything being on a single platform. 


If you want to keep costs down, consider starting with Google Sheets. Loom is a great affordable eLearning option for either internal or external programs. If you need more features, consider using Talent Cards for internal courses and Kajabi for external ones. 

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