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Together we implement a Learner-Centric strategy to save you time, money and alleviate stress


Save Time

Save Money

Alleviate Stress

eLearning Should not be Overwhelming You

Without a partner to guide you through the process of creating courses and training, you are going to be stressed about...

  • Why your Learners are not engaged 
  • How to create or update your content 
  • Costing you more time and money than expected 
  • Missing revenue opportunities
  • Discovering cost-saving opportunities
  • You or your team not having enough time

You don't have to be overwhelmed anymore. Become a partner of eLearning Partners to create your courses and training stress-free, and achieve the results you want to see.

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Here are some of the great organizations we have worked with... 

You Don't Have to Struggle Anymore...

Save Time

Like a car engine, there are many parts that makeup eLearning and it doesn't take much to create havoc. With our proprietary system, we will implement a Learner-Centric strategy to create your training and course(s) that will allow you to scale, achieve your eLearning objectives and win your time back.

Save Money

Whether its a Learning Management System (LMS) or a content library with curated content, it is very easy to start spending money on numerous tools with the hope of it solving your eLearning challenges. With our Learner-Centric strategy, you will save money as we transform hope into guaranteed results.

Alleviate Stress

We understand how stressful eLearning can be, especially when you are spending a lot of time, money, and resources without seeing results. Our Learner-Centric strategy will alleviate your stress, as we make the whole process about your Leaner(s) - the key factor that determines success.

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Watch How Our Partners Have Been Impacted

Regina Woods | InitiativeOne

"In terms of the results that we received, they were far greater than we could have even imagined. Starting with a loose concept, it has turned out to be an amazing product."


Daniel Rumley | Village Demand

"I have worked with many individuals and companies in the education space. This is the best process I have ever seen for managing creating and delivering content. It is fluid, efficient, effective, quick and of the highest quality every time."


Phil Ertl | InitiativeOne

"eLearning Partners expertise and knowledge shines through every single conversation and meeting we have. I don’t know that we could have found a better group to work with than working with eLearning Partners." 


Hector Hernandez | Cube USA

"It is really hard to find vendors who care about your company and your project as much as you do. We continue to work with eLearning Partners because they are a vendor that truly cares and produces the highest quality service every time."


Randy Seriguchi | UrbanEd Academy

"Making our training available on eLearning was a must. We were overwhelmed and knew that without proper guidance it would cost us. eLearning Partners was our North Star and we couldn't have done it without them."


Zach Granowitz | Human Design

"We had a last-minute deadline to find a Learning Management System. We thought it was impossible and then we met eLearning Partners. They implemented their learner-centric process, made it happen, and exceeded our expectations." 


Tom Stein | Tom Stein Music School

"Before working with eLearning Partners I was overwhelmed by all of the moving pieces and I didn't know where to start. eLearning Partners has since become the quarterback of my team and has given us focus and clear direction."


John Cramer | John Angelo Cramer

"As an expert and business owner, I wanted to work with a partner that cared about the integrity of their work and delivered on their promises. eLearning Partners did just that, and I recommend everyone to work with them."

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How can you achieve continous success with your eLearning?

At eLearning Partners, we know you are the kind of people who want to be a leader that people will rely on and who will want to learn from. In order to be that way, you need to develop the three pillars of eLearning - Content, Technology, and Distribution, based on what your Learners want. The problem is you don't know where to start, you are spending more time and money than you would like, and your learners are not engaging the way you expected, which makes you feel frustrated. We believe that eLearning shouldn't be as complicated as it seems and that you can achieve any goal you set. We understand because we have made every mistake in the book. That is why we developed a proprietary system that is Learner-Centric, which is the main factor that will determine the success of your eLearning. Here is how it works: 1. Schedule A Meeting; 2. Implement A Custom Strategy; 3. Launch Your Course or Training. So, Schedule A Call with us, so you can stop being overwhelmed with your eLearning initiatives and start seeing the results you want to happen.  

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