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Hey there - We're Jonny Havey and Hector Simoudis - Co-Founders of eLearning Partners™, best friends, entrepreneurs, and lifelong learners from Colorado (well, Hector is actually from Greece). We appreciate you being here!

You might know us from our witty YouTube channel (@e-learningpartners) making the technical topic of eLearning and the sometimes boring topic of education fun and simple to understand.

Have you ever thought to yourself:

  • "I own a business and want more freedom to do what I want with my schedule."
  •  "I am excited about eLearning and online courses, but am completely overwhelmed and just don't know where to start."
  •  "We are exhausted from researching best practices and endlessly demoing learning management systems."
  •  "We have tried to create an eLearning program in the past, but very few learners (if any) have taken it."
  • "Our best people don’t have time to train, and we need to figure out how to capture their tribal knowledge"
  • "It is taking way too long to develop our eLearning and online courses."
  • "I want a way to take myself out of the daily grind and create automatic of passive income for our business."
eLearning Partners at KidsTek Gala

If so, you are in the right place!

Whether you are a business owner trying to take back ownership of your business instead of being owned by your business, or an executive that just wants to win your and your team's time back, we can help you!

$150K In Debt, A Global Pandemic, and 100-Hour Weeks

We met back on the 1st day of college at the University of Denver, became best friends, opened and closed a couple of businesses, and learned a whole lot along the way.

Hector is dyslexic and grew up traveling the world to discover the power of education for communities in developing countries. He learned that when done correctly, eLearning can cater to anyone and everyone around the world to learn whatever they want.

Jonny, on the other hand, is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), who got fed up with the excruciatingly boring continuous professional education (CPE) he had to take if he wanted to complete his training online. Great, it checked the boxes, but it was just paragraphs of text and assessment questions...

In 2015, we started what would become eLearning Partners helping companies all around the world build transformational eLearning and online course content to change both their Learners and their own lives. The problem was, we were working 100-hour weeks.

Fast forward to 2019 and we decided it was time for us to build our own online course to sell to try and exit the 100-hour week grind. 

Well, $150K of debt, 1 paying student, and the uncertain start of a global pandemic later, we had to lay off our entire team and continue the 100-hour week grind on our own.

It got so bad that we even had to go on unemployment in 2020, and both look for more clients and possible jobs to get us out of our pickle.

This was our lowest point in business and probably the lower point in our lives.

Our monthly revenue went from $50K/month to $0/month overnight. It was at this point that we had a very important decision to make...

...throw in the towel,

...or rebuild our company from the ground up... again.

We were healthy and blessed to have each other and a small team that stuck with us to consult other businesses what not to do, create more transformational eLearning and online course content and we even created our 2nd course - eLearning Simplified Academy.

Debt-Free Business Owners Serving You

12 months later and we were 100% debt-free and both making enough money to provide for ourselves and our loved ones. We were finally business owners instead of being owned by our business.

Our 2nd course - eLearning Simplified Academy - already had exponentially more sales than our 1st, with a fraction of the investment.

And to this day, we haven't spent a cent on advertising, and we are serving students and clients in 100+ countries with our online course and transformational eLearning and online course content creation and coaching services.

We are greatly thankful to our families, friends, mentors, and coaches that have helped us get to this point. Now we have a business that not only allows us to work less than 30 hours a week (as opposed to the 100-hour weeks we have done on and off for a decade), we are able to serve people and businesses every single day.

eLearning Partners and Randy from Urban Ed Academy

If any of that sounds good to you, then you're in the right place. 

We want to make a pact with you, that you won't have to go into $150K of debt like we did to create and launch your eLearning program.

That's why we want to give you a free gift right now!

Watch our free MasterClass where we’ll show you how to monetize your expertise by creating an online course in less than 90 days and save $10,000 in the process.

You won't make or save life-changing money right away, but you will know exactly how to start on your path to having your freedom back. We want you to own your business and your life instead of having your business or your job own you.

Ready to create an online course so you can cut your workweek in half and serve more people?

Watch our FREE MasterClass and we'll show you how to develop your eLearning Program in less than 90 days and the 3 Pillars that save our clients $10,000 instantly.

We will complete the most important exercises in developing your eLearning program with you and give you a 90-day plan so you know exactly what to do next.

In addition, you will learn:

  • The 3 "must-have" pillars that instantly save our clients $10,000+

  • The simple secret to 3x learner engagement so your learners are always coming back for more

  • The biggest mistake most people make when building their eLearning program

  • The #1 reason most eLearning programs fail (and how to virtually guarantee that yours won't)


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