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We are Jonny and Hector - Co-Founders of eLearning Partners - a company specializing in developing eLearning programs and online courses for small to mid-sized organizations.

Have you ever asked yourself the following questions:

  • Where do I start with creating an eLearning program or online course?
  • What Learning Management System (LMS) works best for my learners?
  • How long does it take to develop an eLearning program or online course? 
  • What do I need to create eLearning content? 
  • Can I do it on a budget without breaking the bank? 
  • How can I use eLearning to save time on my internal training? 
  • Why aren’t my employees engaged with the training we’ve developed?
eLearning Partners at KidsTek Gala

If so, you are in the right place! If you are ready to create an eLearning program, online course, or virtual training for your learners (whether internal employees or external learners outside of your organization), we can help you! 

Lifelong Learner CPA & Entrepreneur with Dyslexia

We never set out to be educators. 

We really aren’t. 

Jonny is a CPA who got tired of the continuous professional education training he had to take to that wasn’t created to engage learners. Great, it checked the boxes, but why not have an eLearning option that was actually engaging as well?

Hector grew up with dyslexia and traveled the world to discover the power of education for communities in developing countries. eLearning has leveled the playing field for all giving people and communities access to education who never had access to it before.

Throughout our lives, we have both learned differently and continue our education every day with books, podcasts, and online courses about a variety of subjects.

Lifelong learners and college friends, we saw that something needed to change: the eLearning programs and online courses being developed disregarded the most important part of the eLearning - the Learner

You can’t have an eLearning program and online courses without technology, but you don’t have an audience for your eLearning program or online course without your Learners.

So, we’ve set out to disrupt the eLearning space and founded eLearning Partners.

eLearning Partners at DevLearn Conference 2021

There are 2 types of eLearning programs, but does it matter?

  • Internal eLearning: This means you are building an eLearning program or online course(s) to train your employees and team members. 
  • External eLearning: On the other hand, an external eLearning program is one that is built for your customers. 

Guess what? Either way, it all starts with your learners

When We Focus On The Learner, Everything Changes

COVID-19 disrupted many people's lives; it changed how we work, communicate, and learn. eLearning became not only a “wanna-have” but a “must-have.” 

Having to adapt to a new reality, many companies had to turn to eLearning. But they ended up running faster than they could walk, investing a ton of time, money, and human resources in creating new ways to onboard and train their staff (internal eLearning), sometimes just to find out that their learners did not engage with the training they’ve invested into. 

Some individuals and businesses, who saw the immense potential of the eLearning industry, and decided to turn their knowledge into an online course (external eLearning), realized that there were way too many roadblocks to creating their online course on a budget and on time. 

This is when our clients usually find eLearning Partners. 

After the first initial meeting, where we explain the #1 mistake people make while developing eLearning or online courses, everything becomes clearer for 100% of clients we’ve worked with. 

eLearning Partners and Randy from Urban Ed Academy

Focus on your learners, not technology. 
When you care about what your learners want, you get high engagement, retention, and return on your investment (ROI). 

You get high performing employees

You get sales

You get learners/users who come back for more. 

It’s that simple. 

And the cool thing is that if you are building an internal eLearning program to train your employees, or an external eLearning program to sell as a digital product to your customers, the starting point is the same.

You will always start with your learners and what they want.

So, how do you figure out what your learners want? And where do you get started? 

Watch our free MasterClass “Create and Launch a Successful eLearning Program, Online Course, or Virtual Training," where we will teach you the 3 pillars to create extraordinary value for your learners every time. 

See, it’s not as simple as “just ask your learners,” but with our step-by-step process, you will know exactly where to start, who your learners are, and how to ask them for their feedback, so you can create a product that your learners need, and therefore, will buy/engage in. 

Want to create a successful eLearning Program?

Watch our FREE MasterClass and we'll show you how to develop your eLearning Program in less than 90 days and the 3 Pillars that save our clients $10,000 instantly.

And guess what? Since we know it can be very overwhelming just to know where to start, we are going to complete the first couple of steps with you so you are guaranteed to build a successful program.


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