4 Killer Examples of Mobile App Use Cases For Corporate Training

It’s incredibly likely that every single one of your employees has a smartphone. Unfortunately, they can be very detrimental to the quality of work employees at your organization produce. But, in some instances, they can be helpful in getting employees trained. Here, we will talk about mobile app use cases that can help you put those phones to use for corporate training. 

Mobile Use Cases for Corporate Training

#1. Training on Demand in the Field

One of the most obvious mobile app use cases for corporate training is training on demand in the field. This just means making your eLearning course mobile and accessible on your team’s smartphones. 

Companies with multiple technicians or workers, such as cable companies, HVAC companies, construction companies, landscapers, and more, could take full advantage of this use case. 

The best part – you don’t even have to develop an app to deliver training to your learners. Some LMSs, like Talent Cards, let you create courses that are available on mobile. This way, your team can access the course even when they’re offline. This also saves you from needing to equip your teams with an iPad or computer. 

#2. Harness User-Generated Content

You don’t have to make all of the corporate training yourself; you can encourage your team to create some of it. User-generated content is one of the most useful mobile app use cases because your learners know the biggest challenges they face. As such, they know what their coworkers will need to learn. This also adds a great deal of engagement and saves you from the need to create a training program or mini-course. 

It can be as simple as encouraging your team to record themselves when they complete a task that they know others struggle with. They could then upload the video and share it with other team members who are having difficulties with the task. That person would immediately use the video, and others could use it in the future. 

Companies like Google have already harnessed this power of peer-to-peer teaching. This type of training is much more engaging for employees and promotes retention. 

#3. Use Gamification and Leaderboards 

Another excellent way to boost engagement via mobile apps is with gamification and leaderboards. This has been a consistent strategy to maximize engagement in any type of learning over the years because it works. 

The nice thing about having this on a mobile app is that your team is much more likely to look at it than if it is on a computer. This can encourage them to see where they place on the leaderboard and potentially do more training to get or stay ahead. 

#4. Get Time Management Feedback 

Another of the mobile app use cases you can try is to give your team feedback on their time management. There are plenty of technologies that can break down how much time you spend on certain activities. They can then suggest better ways to divide your time. This can help your team use their time more wisely, maximizing productivity.

For more tips on how to build an online corporate training program, check out relevant content on our website. 


There are plenty of mobile app use cases for corporate training. Use it to give your team access to knowledge in the field and boost engagement with gamification and user-generated content. You can also use mobile apps and devices to give your team feedback to improve their time management and enhance productivity.

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