5 Reasons Why You Should Use Loom Desktop App vs. Chrome Extension

Loom is a very convenient tool for recording screen captures. We use it all the time to record short training videos, provide feedback in video format and for our YouTube videos. One thing we noticed recently is that Loom offers an option of using the Chrome extension vs. desktop app.

After an instance when our hour-long video froze and would not load, we realized why it’s better to use the desktop app vs. Chrome extension. In this article, we will talk about this and 4 other reasons why you should use the Loom desktop app. 

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Loom Desktop App vs. Chrome Extension

#1. Recover Videos Stuck in Processing

One of the most frustrating things that can happen is recording a long video on Loom, only for it to get stuck in processing. When this happens, you are likely to worry that your last hour or two of effort was wasted, and for good reason. If you use the Loom Chrome extension, that very well may be the case unless you get extremely lucky. By contrast, the desktop app lets you recover any video that gets stuck in processing. This is a major advantage for the Loom desktop app vs the Chrome extension. 

#2. Record in 4K video quality 

To maximize engagement and the professionalism of your content, you want to record in high-quality, specifically 4K. If you have Loom Pro or the paid version of the platform, you can record your videos in 4K on the desktop app. This is not an option with the Chrome extension. 

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#3. Draw on the Screen 

One of the cool features of Loom is the ability to draw on the screen, so you can circle things or even add notes. This helps learners stay focused and can also help you stay on track as the subject matter expert. The desktop app not only lets you circle things and draw with your marker, but it also lets you change the color of your line. If you use the Loom Chrome extension, you won’t have the option to use the drawing tools.  

#4. Record Offline 

In today’s world, we are typically connected to the internet, but there are times when that just isn’t feasible. Maybe your internet goes down, or perhaps you are traveling, and your hotel has ridiculously high Wi-Fi fees. In that case, you will want to be able to record offline. This feature is only available on the desktop version.

#5. Use Speaker Notes

A final advantage of the Loom desktop app vs. Chrome extension is the ability to use speaker notes. These are notes for you that your audience won’t be able to see. It is incredibly convenient, as you can keep your notes right on your screen. This lets you keep your eyes on the screen as you record instead of looking in another direction, which could distract your learners. 

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You can use Loom either via a Chrome extension or a desktop app. We suggest that you use the desktop app whenever you can. This will give you higher-quality video recording, access to speaker notes and drawing tools, the ability to record offline, and the ability to recover videos that get stuck in processing. 

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