5 Tools to Create Content More Efficiently

There are plenty of tools that can help you with training content curation, but which ones are the best? We’ve gathered our top five tools to help you in the training content development process. Here, we will talk about various types of content, but if you are looking to create video content specifically, check out this Training Video Production Ultimate Guide

How to Create Content More Efficiently? 

#1. Use Loom

Loom is an incredibly intuitive and affordable tool for training content curation. This screen capture software is easy to use and does more than just let you record content, which you can do with the press of a button. You can also edit your content and distribute the content via Loom. In terms of affordability, Loom costs just $8 to $10 a month.

#2. Invest In Lightboard

Another one of our favorite tools for the training content development process is Lightboard. We use Lightboards in most of our videos because they are engaging and can appeal to multiple learning personas. Using a Lightboard easily combines visual and audio as you write and talk at the same time. It also works very well for technical content, giving you a simple way of bringing it to life.

#3. Get Adobe Suite

The Adobe Suite is another useful tool for the training content development process. Just remember that you will also likely want Adobe Captivate, and that is separate. The Adobe Suite is around $52 a month for most people, but teachers and students get a discount of about half off. Captivate is about $34 a month, also with a discount for teachers and students.

Conveniently, you can buy just one Adobe Suite license for your team and have people share it. Just be aware that if you do that, you may kick each other off sometimes. Other times, however, you will be able to collaborate in the system. Adobe Suite is also versatile, working well for illustrator projects, graphical design, eBooks, and more.

#4. Or Rise 360

Rise 360 is a popular and useful authoring tool for your eLearning. You can create amazing content in a similar way to Captivate, but the format is different. Rise 360 is more expensive than Captivate because it is part of a larger suite, Articulate 360. The specific products in Articulate 360 change occasionally, and there are currently eight. But Rise 360 is always in there.

#5. Invest In Vimeo

Vimeo is yet another great tool for training content curation. You can upload your videos to it and then host your videos there. This is a great option if you can’t host your videos in your LMS.

You may wonder why we included Vimeo instead of YouTube. It’s because Vimeo has some extra features for creators. Specifically, you can edit easily on Vimeo, and it includes feedback capabilities. You can use this to send your uploaded video link to a learner and have them give you feedback. What makes the feedback on Vimeo so special is that they can click on the video and type their feedback, and the platform will timestamp the video. That way, you know exactly what they are talking about.


The above tools can help you create great content for your learners, boosting engagement and streamlining the process of developing your content.

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