AI Course Creation with TalentLMS: Everything You Need to Know

If you use or considered using TalentLMS, you probably wondered, with all of the buzz around AI, does TalentLMS have AI capabilities? And if so, what can you do with TalentLMS AI to streamline your course creation process? We’ll answer your questions in this blog post.

AI Course Creation with TalentLMS: It’s Not That Easy

As of the recording of this video at the beginning of 2024, TalentLMS does not offer an integrated AI tool, unlike other platforms like Kajabi. This means that you can’t technically generate an online course with AI within TalentLMS. 

However, TalentLMS offers a huge library of off-the-shelf courses covering various topics, including artificial intelligence. 

This makes it an ideal choice for organizations seeking comprehensive learning solutions. You can use these pre-built courses on AI to train your team, which is great.

Using Other AI Tools to Build a Course in TalentLMS

While TalentLMS doesn’t have a built-in AI course creation tool yet, there are other tools you can use to help you streamline your course creation process. One of them is ChatGPT. 

ChatGPT excels in generating content outlines, conceptualizing courses, and even crafting assessments. 

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Using ChatGPT to Build a Course in TalentCards LMS

As an example, let’s imagine you're tasked with developing a course on building rapport with potential customers—a crucial skill for sales teams. 

With ChatGPT, it’s easy to generate a comprehensive outline effortlessly. Just ask it to come up with an outline based on the topic, or even several different outlines. 

ChatGPT can also assist you in creating assessments to gauge learner comprehension such as check on learnings and quizzes. Gone are the days when you had to create multiple-choice questions and answers because ChatGPT can do it for you.


While TalentLMS may not currently feature an integrated AI course creation tool, they may  be developing it as we speak! As technology evolves, we anticipate seeing AI seamlessly integrated into learning platforms like TalentLMS, enhancing user experiences and efficiency. But for now, you can use a combination of TalentLMS and ChatGPT to streamline your course creation process. 

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