Can Online Courses Get You a Job? Online vs. Traditional Education

Online courses have changed the state of education. Nowadays, you don’t have to have a degree to learn skills that will get you a job. Read on if you’ve been wondering whether or not an online course can get you a job. We will go over the advantages of online education vs. traditional education. 

Advantages of Online Education vs. Traditional Education

#1. Monetary Returns

Traditionally, people attended college because this was seen as the best way to get a high-paying job and maximize your salary. But times have changed, and jobs tend to be more focused on the skills, not how you get them. That means that the answer to “Can online courses get you a job?” is a resounding yes.

The right certification from an online course can easily get you an online job. In fact, many people get an online certification and start making a high salary. They can then use that salary to attend college and get a traditional education if they choose to. So, one of the advantages of online education vs. traditional education is that you can get the same income, if not a better one, without making a large investment

#2. Less or No Debt

The most obvious of the advantages of online education vs. traditional education is the amount of money you will spend. You can easily find a high-quality course or a Bootcamp that will give you a useful certificate for a thousand dollars or a few thousand dollars. Some courses teach you useful skills for $10 or $50. 

By contrast, a college education costs tens of thousands of dollars each year, easily adding up to one or two hundred thousand over the course of four years.

In either case, you get the same marketability of showing you earned a degree or certificate. Even better, many major universities, such as Cal Berkeley, are starting to understand the appeal of these smaller online courses for certificates. So, you can still get a certificate and have that big name on your resume without paying tens of thousands of dollars or more. 

Additionally, many companies actually offer to pay for furthering your education or develop their own e learning for employees that you can take advantage of at no additional cost. 

#3. Time Spent and Commitment

Yet another of the advantages of online education vs. traditional education is the time you spend completing the course or degree. Traditional education has a four-year commitment. That is a lot of time, and it gives you more opportunities to get sidetracked from your goal.

By contrast, most online courses are shorter, lasting about six months or a year. This lets you start your career sooner. It also gives you less chance of getting sidetracked, increasing your chances of finishing it.

You can also think of this in terms of being able to change your goals. If you are already tens of thousands of dollars in debt and start to rethink your degree after a year or two, you will still likely decide to continue. 

After all, you will have already sunk money into it, so it can be hard to convince yourself to switch paths, even if it makes sense. But with a shorter, more affordable online course, you have less money sunk into it, and you may have already finished the course by the time you rethink it.


Online courses give you similar or better potential monetary returns than traditional education. They are also much more affordable and require a shorter time commitment. So, if you’ve wondered, “Can online courses get me a job?” it’s a definite yes. Just make sure the courses you take are from a credible source.

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