Choosing the Best Camera for Training and Educational Videos

Creating effective training and educational videos requires the right equipment. One of the most expensive items you need is a camera. But among hundreds of brands and options, how do you find the best camera for training videos? In this guide, we'll help you navigate the world of video cameras and lenses. 

How to Choose The Best Video Camera for Training Videos? 

Step #1. Choosing the Camera Body

When it comes to selecting a camera, it's essential to consider the camera body and its features. Here are two excellent options:

Panasonic GH5s

This camera body costs around $1,700 and shoots at least 4K resolution. It's an excellent, budget-friendly choice for training videos.

Blackmagic 6K Pro

Priced at approximately $2,500, this camera offers 6K resolution and exceptional video quality, making it a strong contender for your training video production needs.

Pro tip! To make the GH5s even more powerful and competitive with the Blackmagic camera, consider adding a "speed booster" for an additional $650. This upgrade will bring your GH5s setup to a total of $2,350, a comparable price to the Blackmagic 6K Pro.

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Step #2: Selecting Compatible Lenses

Lenses play a critical role in your camera setup. For the best value for your dollar, look to Canon lenses. They offer quality and affordability. Both the GH5s and Blackmagic cameras are compatible with Canon lenses, and the recommended lens for these cameras is the Canon 24 to 70mm lens, part of Canon's premium lens series.

Step #3: What About the Audio Gear? 

Your camera setup isn't complete without considering audio recording. There are two primary approaches: recording audio into the camera or recording it separately. For the best audio quality, recording separately is the preferred option.

We use wireless Sennheiser lapel microphones, which cost around $640 each, along with an H6 device to record the audio. However, you can also find more budget-friendly microphone options on Amazon. The H6 device costs approximately $300. Alternatively, you can record audio directly into your phone or laptop and synchronize it with your video during the editing process.

Step #4: Syncing Audio and Video

To ensure your audio and video align seamlessly, it's essential to introduce your video by saying a few words, such as "Today, we're going to discuss the best camera for training video production." 

Make this introduction a part of both your video and audio tracks. Most modern video editing software, such as Adobe Premiere, has an option to automatically match these tracks, making the process quick and straightforward.

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Creating training and educational videos at home is achievable with the right camera, lenses, and audio setup. If you're looking for the best camera for training videos, the GH5s and Blackmagic 6K Pro, equipped with Canon lenses and separate audio recording, offer excellent solutions. 

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