Creating a Customized Learning Experience with Blended Learning

Using blended learning allows you to deliver a customized learning experience that benefits your learners. It plays to the strengths of all of your learners instead of trying to find something that does an okay job of teaching all of them. Let’s see how incorporating blended learning in your corporate training can improve learners’ results. 

What Is Blended Learning?

As the name implies, blended learning combines brick and mortar with the internet or technology. So, you get a combination of traditional in-person learning with digital learning or eLearning.

The great thing about blended learning for corporate training is that it combines the best parts of traditional in-person learning and digital eLearning. But, simultaneously, it eliminates all of the worst features of each type of learning.

Customization Is Crucial

Blended learning is one of many different methods for corporate training and is one of the most effective. 

To understand why blended learning is so effective for corporate training, think about traditional education methods. The instructor has to find a middle ground that provides at least some benefit for every learner. But every learner is different, so this is impossible. Even worse, it doesn’t necessarily prepare people for the next step.

Instead of relying on that middle-ground approach, you need to deliver a customized learning experience. That will play on each learner's strengths and prepare them for the future. You can also think of it as meeting each learner where they are. 

How Can Blended Learning Improve Young Learners’ Results? 

Blended learning can be incorporated in various learning environments and with different students, not just e learning for employees

Our client Daniel Rumley worked with high schools that realized the middle-ground approach wasn’t working for them. They incorporated blended or customized learning. It was a self-paced, mastery-based learning experience and a significant chunk of the school participated.

This school had an increase in graduation rates of about 20%. One school historically had a graduation rate of just 55 to 60%. But after adopting the program, the rate went up to 80% or higher.

Why Does it Work? 

Those results come from the fact that students now had a program that fit them. The students who previously seemed as if they were doomed to drop out or not pass were able to graduate. They had the support and learning options they needed. So they were able to change their lives and get their degree. While there will obviously be outliers in the data, it’s still a significant difference.


Whether you are teaching high schoolers or employees, by taking a blended approach to learning, you can customize your training or education to meet the unique needs of your students. Play to their strengths and meet them where they are, and you will get better outcomes.

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