EdTech Future Trends: LMS Companies Are Heading for Disaster

The eLearning technology market is saturated and many EdTech companies compete to get a piece of the eLearning pie. Unfortunately for many lesser-known brands developing LMSs, this may mean a disaster in the next several years. Here, we will look at the reasons why we believe in this EdTech future trend: many EdTech companies will go out of business. 

Course Creators Are Confused and Can’t Easily Compare Technologies

One of the major reasons why EdTech companies are headed for disaster is the lack of clarity for their consumers. People building eLearning courses don’t know what type of program they need. Do they need a learning management system or a learning experience platform? What about an authoring tool? 

The average person can’t distinguish between the various technologies available. So, they don’t know which one to use. Every LMS pitches itself to achieve target sales instead of looking at its customer’s needs and accessing whether its LMS is a good fit. 

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What Should You Do? – You Don’t Need to Choose a Platform Immediately

If you are one of the course creators struggling to figure out what technology you need to use, you don’t have to worry about LMS trends or make an immediate decision. If you aren’t sure what you need, wait to think about it. 

Instead, work on figuring out the course itself. Determine who your learners are and then build the curriculum for them. You can easily do this in a spreadsheet such as Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel in the meantime. From there, you get learner feedback. 

Then, when you are ready to go ahead and create the program, you will have a better idea of which program you should use. You will know which of the EdTech companies has software that fits your needs. 

We Suggest Four LMS Options

With ever-changing LMS trends, even waiting to choose an LMS until you know what you need can be intimidating. But we’re here to make that decision much easier for you. We stay on top of EdTech future trends and types of software. 

Two Internal LMS Choices

To start, we have two favorite LMSs for internal courses or employee training. We suggest using TalentCards or Talent LMS. They are very similar and actually from the same company. The big differences are portability and level of customization. 

Talent LMS is the way to go if your employees will be learning at a desk. It allows for additional customization when creating your course. If your employees will be learning on the go, then we suggest TalentCards. This is an especially useful option if your employees need to access the course when offline, as they can download it for later access. 

Two External LMS Choices

For external courses or courses that you are selling to customers, we suggest Kajabi or LearnWorlds. Both of these platforms offer marketing and sales tools, such as email marketing and website features. We prefer Kajabi because its additional features, especially email marketing, are more robust. But if you need SCORM compatibility, choose LearnWorlds instead. 

Try These LMSs for Free

The best thing about these recommended LMSs is that all of them offer free trials. In some cases, you even get an extended free trial or access to additional features by clicking our link. 


Many companies in EdTech are heading for disaster as course creators struggle to decide which program to use or even properly compare them. We suggest that you talk to your learners and outline your course before choosing an LMS, as this will help you confirm what you need. Use a free trial to test the LMS and confirm it works for your learners and your course design. 

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