How to Choose LMS (Learning Management System) The Right Way!

There are hundreds of learning management systems available, so you have to figure out how to choose LMS programs that are right for you. We outline five crucial factors to consider when deciding which LMS is the best online course platform for your needs. 

Step #1. Internal Vs. External Courses

To start, think about your audience. Do you need to build an internal course or an external course? As a refresher, external courses are sold to learners outside the organization. Internal courses are for training people within your organization. 

This is an important distinction, as most LMSs tend to focus on either internal or external courses. For example, Kajabi is great for external courses, and TalentCards is great for internal courses. 

Step #2. How Many Users Will You Have? 

The next consideration in how to choose LMS programs is the number of users you will need. Ideally, you want a platform that will let you have multiple users without breaking the bank. As expected, the more users you need, the higher you should expect it to cost. 

Still, some of our favorites are affordable. Kajabi, for example, doesn’t have hidden fees for users. TalentCards does charge per user, but it starts at about $1 per user, which drops as you get more to use the platform. 

Step #3. Consider the Price (and Contracts)

Be especially careful with the price of your LMS. Many programs try to get you into a long-term contract or charge you hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. But you don’t need to pay that much or get sucked into a contract. There are much more affordable options without tying you down for extended periods. 

Step #4. Think About User Experience 

Next, consider the user experience of the LMS. There are two user experiences to consider here: that of your learners and that of your course creators. Learners need to have a good user experience, as that maximizes their learning and engagement. 

But the team behind the scenes also needs a good user experience. Otherwise, they may get frustrated, making it much harder for them to develop the course. You will end up wasting a lot of time if you choose an LMS with a poor experience for the course creator. Your team will dislike every minute of using it, and that may lead to poor results. 

Step #5. Choose One with a Free Trial 

Finally, you should always look for an LMS that comes with a free trial. Never commit to an online course platform without testing it out, even if we suggest it. Every course creator and course is different, so our favorites may not work for you. Besides, all our recommended platforms come with free trials. 

Kajabi, for example, lets you try it for free for 30 days. And TalentCards lets you use it for free until you need more than five users. TalentCards’ free trial doesn’t come with a time limit. 


To choose an online course platform, determine if your course is internal or external. Also, find out how many users you need. Then, think about the pricing and user experience. Always choose a platform with a free trial, so you can test it before committing or spending for it. 

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