How to Create Interactive Videos With VideoAsk

Learning how to create an interactive video tutorial is incredibly useful for eLearning. Having your learners interact with you boosts engagement, and VideoAsk lets you do that with ease. You can also use VideoAsk’s interactive video recording for other uses, such as getting testimonial videos. 

Step #1. Set Up a Free Account

The first thing you want to do is create your free account with VideoAsk. You will need to enter your email address and come up with a password. There are paid plans for VideoAsk, but we suggest you start with the free version. This way, you can confirm that it is right for your needs before buying it. 

Step #2. Create a Few Micro Videos

Next, you should create a few micro videos. These will be the videos that you put in VideoAsk with opportunities for interaction between them. You could skip this step and use VideoAsk’s built-in interactive video recording and your webcam. But we suggest recording them ahead of time, as this gives you more control. You have a few methods for recording your video. 

Use Your Webcam 

A simple option is to just use your computer’s webcam. In the rare case, your computer doesn’t already have a webcam, you can easily buy one and attach it to your computer. If you choose to create your videos within VideoAsk, this is what it will prompt you to do. 

Screen Share 

You can also use screen capture software to create your videos. We suggest Loom for this. 

Use Your Phone Camera 

Or you can use your phone camera. Your phone camera is more than good enough to create high-quality videos. 

Other Options

If you want, you can use a separate camera to record the video. Or you can hire a video production company. But hiring a video production company for a few micro videos is unnecessary and will likely be a waste of money. And because of the quality of your phone camera, you probably don’t need to use a separate camera. 

Step #3. Create a New VideoAsk 

Now, you can go create the new VideoAsk. Start by navigating to “Create.” You will see many options, including the ability to upload a video or use your webcam or screen capture. As mentioned, we suggest recording ahead of time and uploading so you get more control. 

So, you upload a video that includes you asking a question since it is interactive. Then, you decide how your audience interacts with you. You can opt for multiple choices, voice, live calls, a calendar, a button, and more. You can have them interact with you via video, audio, or text. You also get to set a time limit. (As a bonus, you can use this to collect contact information as a marketing tool). Then, repeat the process with your other videos. You can make a three-step VideoAsk with the free version. 

Step #4. Integrate It With Your Website or LMS and Share It 

Once your VideoAsk is all set, go ahead and integrate it into your LMS or on your website. You can embed it by copying and pasting a code. You can also use a widget or even text it to someone. 

Now, all that’s left is to share it with your audience. As mentioned, this is a great way to get testimonial videos. 


Once you see how easy it is to learn how to create an interactive video tutorial, you can take advantage of VideoAsk. We recommend starting with the free version and recording your videos ahead of time. 

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