How to Improve Employee Training and Development at Your Company

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Any company that creates a training or development program for its employees will want to get the most out of that program. In this article, we are sharing some simple tips on how to improve employee training and development with eLearning. 

Start by Taking a Break

If you are already in the process of creating an eLearning program for your employees, stop and take a break. It is incredibly common for companies to just create content for the sake of creating content. But this won’t be useful or engaging. Creating a course just to create a course will quickly leave you without ideas and desperate. You don’t want to be in this situation, as you will waste time and money on a course that doesn’t provide any value to employees or your company. 

Identify the Biggest Challenges

A significant factor in figuring out how to improve employee training is to identify the biggest challenges of your employees. Talk to employees; unfortunately, a paper survey is not ideal. You will get the most useful information from face-to-face interactions. 

One way to do this is to talk to a smaller sample of your employees. Talk to some of them in strategic interviews to determine the challenges. Another option is to use technology, like VideoAsks. This lets you record a video asking various questions and then have your employees record a response. This lets you scale up the face-to-face interactions. 

Once you have a list of challenges, figure out the number one challenge. This will be your focus. 

Create a Business Plan 

Once you know the biggest challenge and learning profiles, it is time to create an eLearning business plan. This doesn’t have to be massive; it can be a minimum viable course (MVC). An MVC is actually the best approach. 

As you create the business plan, remember the three pillars are content, technology, and distribution (CTD). Of these, distribution should be your focus. 

Why Distribution Is the Most Important Factor

Distribution is the most important of these three pillars, but you don’t want to neglect any of them. But why distribution? Without this pillar, you can have the best course, but your employees won’t have access to it. 

Get Feedback

Now, you should have a minimum viable course ready. Have some of your learners take it and give you feedback; this can help you figure out how to improve employee training as well. This will help you make any necessary changes, whether in terms of content, LMS, or anything else. 

Address the Next Challenge

Once your initial course addressing the biggest challenge facing employees is ready and you are satisfied with it, it is time to move on. Next, you will repeat the process for the second largest challenge. Then, go down the list and create courses for the next-biggest challenges in order. Remember to get feedback as you go. 


Remember, when creating a training or development program for your employees, think about the challenges. Your first course should address the biggest challenge employees face. As you create it, focus on distribution, but don’t forget to also prioritize content and technology.

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