How to Integrate Role Play in Online Learning?

Training for many types of jobs traditionally involves role-playing. For some people, incorporating role-play in online learning can sometimes seem challenging. But there is no reason that this should be the case. There are multiple ways that you can easily integrate role-playing into online training for employees. 

#1. Record Video Calls 

One great option is to use video calls or record calls. This can be done in several ways. You can actually record experienced members of your team making sales calls. Or you can record experienced team members role-playing with fake calls. 

The key here is that you record the calls so you can easily integrate role-play in online learning. Just show your learners the videos and have them repeat the strategies and talking points used. This method is also highly scalable. 

#2. Jump on a Zoom Call with the Trainer 

Another excellent option is to just add another person to the Zoom call for training. You or another experienced employee can easily join the call with the trainer. Then, the trainer and their guest can act out the role-playing. This will give similar benefits to recording video calls, but it also gives new employees the ability to ask questions. 

It can also become more interactive. After all, you can have various members of the training session role-play with you or the trainer as well. This method will work best for smaller training sessions, and it works very well for one-on-one training sessions. The method can be used with larger groups, but it’s less likely to give all the trainees the practice they need. 

The beauty of this method is that at least some of the trainees in the session can practice. Not only that, but they can practice with trainers from anywhere in the world. You can easily take advantage of a subject matter expert who lives on the other side of the world. 

Bonus: This Is How They Will Likely Sell

As a bonus, it is incredibly likely that the team you are training will end up using their skills on a Zoom call. This has become the industry norm for business interactions. As such, it gets your trainees comfortable putting their skills to use over video calls. 

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#3. Use the Metaverse 

A more advanced option to use role-play in online learning is to use the metaverse. The metaverse is a digital space where you can move your avatar and get closer to others to talk to them. It makes it seem as if you are physically there, thanks to spatial audio and other features. 

So, you could easily run a role-playing session in the metaverse just like you would in real life. Just have your trainees and trainers approach each other in the digital space, so they can hear and interact with each other. 

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If you usually use role-playing to train new employees or help your team hone their skills, you can easily incorporate it into online training. Just record actual calls or role-playing sessions. You can also do a virtual role-playing session over Zoom or use the strategy in the metaverse.

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