How to Prepare for a Lightboard Video Shoot?

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It can be incredibly intimidating to prepare for a video shoot, especially if you haven’t been a part of one before. It becomes even more intimidating if you are using something new to you, such as a lightboard. As with any other content you create for your learners, your ultimate goal is to provide value for them. As eLearning Partners suggest, as long as your elearning lightboard video content provides value for learners, you are on the right track.

That being said, there are a few tips on how to prepare for a lightboard video shoot:


#1. Plan Your Outfit

Your outfit should be among the first things you consider when planning your lightboard video. As you plan your outfit, keep the following in mind:

  • If you have a logo on your clothes, remember that it will be mirrored when you post your Lightboard video, so anything written on your shirt will appear backward. It’s best to just avoid logos. If you want one, make sure it is mirrored so it will appear correctly.
  • Stick to solid colors. Even pretty patterns can be distracting and look odd on the camera.
  • Be aware that glasses can lead to glares. Decide if this is worth it for you.
  • Remember that your jewelry will appear mirrored. A watch on your left hand will appear on your right.
  • Dark-colored clothing tends to look the best in videos.

#2. Plan Your Writing

Next, elearning lightboard video content comes with a feature of writing on the board as you teach the concepts in your course.

That means you will need to plan what you will write on the lightboard. There will be two main categories of this content. The “static content” is already on the board when you start the video. The “written content” is what you add during the video.

Static content is a great way to create an outline for learners or notes for yourself. It helps you stay on track and tells learners what to expect. Meanwhile, written content lets you boost engagement as you interact with the board.

So, before filming your elearning lightboard video content, plan what you will use as both static and written content.

#3. Practice Even If You Don’t Have a Lightboard

The key to filming anything successfully is to practice first. Lightboard videos are no exception. If you already have access to a lightboard, great. You can practice with it. But what if you are going to use a library lightboard or rent one? Just practice with a whiteboard or even a piece of paper.

No matter what you use during your practice run-throughs, we encourage you to practice writing on a mirror at some point. This will mimic the glass surface of the lightboard, so you aren’t suddenly writing on an unfamiliar surface when recording the video.

#4. Plan to Keep the Center of the Lightboard Empty

Whenever possible, it’s best to keep the center of your lightboard empty. This prevents the content from blocking you. Keep this in mind as you practice so it becomes second nature. Of course, if you have more content and need the center of the board, go ahead and fill it in, too.

#5. Have Fun

Go into your lightboard filming ready to have fun. This is a more entertaining, interactive type of learning video, and having fun keeps your learners engaged.


Preparing for your lightboard video shoot is as simple as planning your outfit and content and getting in some practice. Remember that as long as you provide your learners with valuable content, your video has met its goal! Start there and work to improve your videos as you get more practice.

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