Kajabi for Online Courses: How to Build and Sell Your Online Courses with Kajabi

There are easily thousands of platforms available to help you build your eLearning course. Among them, we recommend Kajabi, thanks to its ability to offer everything you need in a single tool. This saves you the hassle of having to find and pay for multiple different tools. Instead, you make a single set payment and get access to everything. 

Here are a few ways you can use Kajabi for online courses: 

#1. Easily Build Your Course

One of the main reasons that people turn to Kajabi is to build courses. As we mentioned, the convenient thing about Kajabi is that it features all of the tech you need to create your course. You also get the option of starting from scratch or using a template. Using a template makes it incredibly straightforward to build a course, and even if you don’t, it is fairly straightforward. We have a video describing the process in more detail

Kajabi also offers specific types of courses if you want to use those. One example is a drip course, which means you release or “drip” the content over the course of several weeks. You can also use Kajabi to create a membership site where you share your course and get recurring income. 

#2. Use Kajabi to Sell Your Course

One of the key features of Kajabi is its ability to help you sell your online course after you’ve made it. You create the course on the platform, and then you head to the sales section. 

Creating an Offer

To sell your course, you just create an offer on Kajabi. This lets you choose the price point you want, including the type of payment. It can be a subscription, multiple payments, a one-time payment, or even free. 

You can also create bundles instead of just listing a course alone. So, bundle your course with consulting or your membership site. Or bundle several courses. 

Other Selling Tools From Kajabi

In addition to creating the offer, you will also get plenty of other selling tools and options from Kajabi, including: 

  • The ability to create coupons
  • Email marketing and funnels 
  • Landing pages
  • Affiliate programs

Using affiliates is an especially important feature, as it lets you choose your profit margin. With traditional marketing methods, you can track and estimate how much you need to spend to acquire a learner. But this is just an estimate. 

By contrast, with affiliate marketing, you know what you will receive. Even better, the affiliate puts in the effort, so you just get the revenue without the marketing costs. As such, you should reward your affiliates well, such as with 35% of the profit or more. This is likely still less than you would spend on marketing. 

#3. Other Relevant Products

As mentioned, one of the reasons we love Kajabi is the fact you can use it not only for online courses. It offers so many other products and features. Even if you don’t plan on using all of them initially, you may find yourself taking advantage of them eventually. 


Kajabi has everything you need for creating a podcast. You can build and import it, among other functions. 


You can also offer coaching products on Kajabi. We use this for consulting clients as a way to improve their experience. 


If you’ve been contemplating whether or not you should use Kajabi for online courses, we would suggest giving it a try. It is a great resource for anyone looking to create and sell a course to external learners. It lets you create and market your course in the same place and offers extra features, such as support for affiliate programs and coaching. 

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