Mastering Networking and Relationship Building: A Proven Strategy From Nate Jorgensen

Whether you're a business professional, an entrepreneur, or someone looking to expand their network, networking, and relationship building are essential skills. In this blog post, our guest, Nate Jorgensen, shares a proven strategy for effectively managing your network and building meaningful relationships with the people you connect with.

A Proven Strategy for Networking & Building Relationships

So, you've built your network and made valuable contacts. Now what? How do you manage these relationships effectively? Many people try to keep up with their network and slowly reach a point of burnout because they don’t have enough time in their schedule to give enough time to each person in their network. 

To simplify this process and alleviate stress, we categorize our contacts into four main buckets based on how often we need to stay in touch: weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly.

Weekly Contacts: High-Priority Strategic Partners

Weekly contacts are individuals who are of utmost importance to your business. They are actively engaging with your ideal client or target audience. These contacts should be a part of your weekly routine. 

Consider setting up recurring meetings, whether it's a coffee catch-up, a lunch appointment, or even a golf game. The goal here is to keep them constantly reminded of who you are and what you do. 

Maintaining weekly interactions helps you stay top of mind and reinforces your strategic partnership.

Monthly Contacts: Valuable Partners

Monthly contacts are still essential to your network but may not be as directly involved with your ideal client. 

You enjoy their company, and they bring value to your network. Arrange to meet with these contacts on a monthly basis. Whether it's for a coffee chat or a casual get-together, these meetings help maintain your relationship without overwhelming your schedule.

Quarterly Contacts: Supporting Relationships

Quarterly contacts are the next level of partners. They may not interact with your ideal client as frequently, but they are still valuable to your network. You can group these contacts together and host quarterly networking events or gatherings. These group settings provide an opportunity to connect, exchange insights, and keep the relationship alive.

Yearly Contacts: Occasional Touchpoints

Yearly contacts are the individuals you want to stay connected with, but they are not directly related to your daily business efforts. Consider organizing an annual event or get-together for these contacts. While the interaction may be less frequent, it's essential to maintain these relationships for potential future collaborations.

Adjusting Contacts Based on Business Dynamics

Keep in mind that these categorizations are not set in stone. Business dynamics change and a contact who has a yearly connection may become a weekly or monthly partner. Pay attention to how your contacts evolve and adjust your interactions accordingly. Networking is an ongoing process, and staying adaptable is crucial.

Throughout this strategy, remember that your goal is not to ask for business immediately. 

Building professional relationships is about nurturing connections, sharing insights, and creating a supportive network. Avoid placing excessive expectations on these interactions. 

Instead, focus on learning from one another and contributing positively to each other's networks.


Mastering networking and relationship building involves more than just collecting contacts. It's about building meaningful connections, nurturing partnerships, and being a resource for your network. 

By following this strategy, you can effectively manage your contacts and develop strong, professional relationships that can benefit your career or business in the long run.

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