Talent LMS Review: The Best Features, Pricing, and Customization Options

Talent LMS is a great LMS for either internal or external eLearning courses, but it is our top choice for internal LMSs. This article is a Talent LMS review, where we’ve gathered our favorite parts of Talent LMS to give you a better idea of why we love it. 

Start for Free

Talent LMS is one of the rare eLearning programs that let you start using it for free. With a free account, you can build up to 10 courses and have up to five accounts. This lets you create an admin account and test your course and the platform on four learners. This way, you can get feedback and confirm that Talent LMS is right for your learners before you pay anything. 

Pricing Structure

When you decide to use Talent LMS, you will appreciate the affordable pricing and the versatile pricing structure. There are both standard and active plans. The important difference is that standard plans count all users while active plans only count the active users. So, if you have 1,000 employees but only 200 use the eLearning course, you only pay for 200 users. This also saves you the hassle of having to make sure to remove old users who no longer need access. 

Even better, the active plan will automatically adjust every month based on how many users you had active. So, if you only have 100 users active one month and 500 the next, you will pay less for the month with fewer users. 

Single Sign-On 

Any Talent LMS review will say that a great feature of the platform is its single-sign-on or SSO feature. This essentially means that your employees don’t have to create a new account and set up a username and password to start learning with the platform. Instead, they can sign in with an account they already have. A common example (outside eLearning) is using your Google or Facebook account to create an account on a new platform. 

This streamlines the process of logging in and lets employees use your internal software’s sign-in information. The result is an improved learner experience. 

Just keep in mind that SSO is only available on paid versions. That being said, you can get 100 users with a standard plan for just $149 or 100 active users with an active plan for just $269. 

API Documentation

The API documentation that comes with Talent LMS makes it incredibly easy to integrate with the technologies you already use. That documentation includes code for everything, from categories, courses, and platforms to groups and more. 

As a note, this isn’t a feature you get automatically when you sign up for Talent LMS. You need to use an affiliate link like ours to get the feature. As a bonus, you also get access to a paid version for 30, 60, or 90 days when you sign up with our affiliate link. 

Features for Customization

The long list of customization features on Talent LMS is also a strong point in its favor. You can group users and learners and create branches. For example, make one branch for internal programs and one for external programs you sell. You can create a different branch for each franchise in your company chain or a different branch for each department on your team. 


With its free option, affordable and versatile pricing plans, SSO, API documentation, and ability to create branches, Talent LMS is our favorite internal LMS program. Head over to eLearning Partner’s Youtube channel to learn more about Talent LMS and other LMSs we recommend. 

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