TalentCards Review: The Best Microlearning Platform in 2022

There are numerous learning management systems (LMS) available, but some are simply better than others. Our TalentCards review outlines why we think it is the best microlearning platform. Here are crucial reasons we suggest using TalentCards for your microlearning

Start for Free 

One of the best factors we considered in our TalentCards review is that you can start using the program for free. This allows you to test it out and confirm that it’s the right platform for you. 

The free version comes with up to five users, so you can create a course on your admin account and have four learners test out the course and give you feedback. 

The free version isn’t limited when it comes to features either. You can include various types of content, such as links, images, audio, text, and online videos. You can use push notifications, support multiple languages, and deliver offline access. 

Mobile Learning LMS 

Offline access leads us to another highlight: TalentCards is a mobile learning LMS. Your learners can take it anywhere on their phones without needing access to the internet. They can download cards or courses while connected to the internet and access their files from anywhere. This is especially helpful for internal training programs for workers who won’t have access to the internet when out on site. 

Gamification Made Simple 

It’s no secret that gamification encourages learning, and TalentCards’ default setup makes gamification simple. Learners earn points for completing cards while using leaderboards to create an environment of friendly competition. You can adjust how many points are earned for each card and even award bonus points for completing an entire course or being one of the first people to finish a given course. 

Integrate Branding in Seconds 

Naturally, companies want to be able to brand their LMS. Our TalentCards review will show you that this is incredibly simple. In a matter of seconds, you can upload your logo and customize your colors. Simply access these features via the hamburger icon and app control. It will take less than a minute to customize your LMS according to your brand. 

Easy to Understand Reporting and Analytics 

The reports and analytics built into TalentCards is yet another reason it’s our top choice for microlearning. You can easily view intuitive statistics, such as how many users you have, how many installations there are, the number of users who complete every set, and more. Use these stats to assess and certify employees for training. You can also use them to confirm if your course is effective. You can easily export reports as infographics or Excel documents. 

Integrates With Other LMS

Finally, we recognize that a mobile LMS is not for everyone. But despite that, TalentCards is a great choice, as you can integrate it with various other LMS available. You will find it seamless to connect to Talent LMS, as the two are from the same company. Still, you can easily integrate it with another LMS of your choice, thanks to customer support and APIs. 


We recommend TalentCards for its mobile learning, free version, reporting, gamification, and simple branding. Consider taking advantage of the free account to test if it’s the appropriate system for you. 

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