TalentLMS Demo: A Simple No-Code Solution to Train Your Employees

TalentLMS doesn’t require coding, so we commonly recommend it for creating internal eLearning programs, but it can also work for external programs or online courses. We’ve created this TalentLMS Demo to cover plans that TalentLMS offers, how to create your account, and user types. 

An Overview of Plans

TalentLMS offers a free trial without any time limit. The limit is that you can create 10 courses and have five users with this trial. Because there is no time limit, you can have people test out the course and provide feedback before you sign up for a plan.

Standard vs. Active Plans

When you decide to start paying for TalentLMS, you will have two main types of plans to choose from. With standard plans, you pay for every single user. With active plans, you only pay for active users. So, let’s say you have a company with 1,000 people and want everyone to have an account, but only 200 people will be active at a time. With a standard plan, you’d have to pay for 1,000 users, but with an active plan, you’d only have to pay for 200. This saves you the hassle of having to off-board users.

If you need more than 1,000 standard users or 500 active users, you can opt for an enterprise plan.

Creating Your Account

When you create your account, we suggest using our affiliate link. It doesn’t cost you anything but supports us and gives you benefits. You get several unique advantages not available otherwise, including a customer relationship manager at TalentLMS. You also get an exclusive 30, 60, or 90-day free trial of an advanced package.

How to Create the Account

Creating your account on TalentLMS is highly intuitive. Just click “get started,” and you’re ready. You will need to create a domain name and enter an email address. You’ll enter your name, a test user, and a password.

TalentLMS will ask you a few questions, including:

  • What’s your goal with Talent LMS?
  • How many people do you want to train?
  • What does your company do? (Choose an industry)
  • What department do you work in?

The LMS uses your answers to personalize your experience.

Your Paths

Once you create your account, you can do one of four things:

  • Create a course
  • Take a sample course
  • Customize your account (with logo, colors, etc.)
  • Visit the admin dashboard

A Guide to User Types

There are three main types of users within TalentLMS: instructors, learners, and administrators. There is also a fourth option to customize a user. What you can do will depend on the user type you are set to, but you can change this anytime. This makes it simple to test your courses.

Instructors can build a course within TalentLMS or import one from an authoring tool. You can also:

  • Build courses
  • Edit courses
  • Message all users in a course
  • View progress, rules, files, and paths
  • Run reports
  • View groups
  • Create discussions and virtual meetings
  • Use the calendar

Learners can:

  • View courses
  • Take courses
  • View certifications, timeline, and badges
  • Join groups
  • Join discussions
  • Access the calendar

Admins can do most of the things that instructors can do, but they can also:

  • Build course categories
  • Build course branches
  • Import learners via Excel
  • Run reports
  • Upload certifications
  • Handle eCommerce for external courses, including subscriptions and domain names


We hope this TalentLMS Demo was helpful. TalentLMS is an excellent resource for internal eLearning programs as well as external ones. We encourage you to try the free package and then use our affiliate link to get a free trial of a paid version.

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