The Best Online Course Topics That Will Sell

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You want to choose the best online course topics to make the most effective course and maximize your sales. But what are these? Some popular options that we consider low-hanging fruit are how to make money, how to live healthier, how to reduce stress, and how to live better. But what if those aren’t your specialty? Or what if you don’t want to deal with competition from these options? 

There’s a better method than just choosing one of those popular topics. Follow this three-step process to find the best online course topics for you and your learners. 

Step #1. Determine What You’re Passionate About 

Start by thinking about your niche and what you’re passionate about. This passion is important as it will make your learners want to take your course. There are so many courses available, and if you aren’t passionate about your course, learners will look for someone passionate. 

Step #2. Evaluate Your Learners’ Challenges 

Next, it’s time to think about your learners’ challenges within your niche. This requires you to understand your learners. You will likely create learner profiles during this stage, and those should include challenges. When it comes to challenges, you want to look for pain points or frustrations. 

While you may want to list all the challenges your learners face, you will want to focus on the biggest one. The biggest pain point or challenge will sell the most courses. You can keep your brainstorming list on hand for future courses. Just be sure to choose topics in order based on the biggest challenge. So, your second course would focus on the second-biggest challenge. 

Step #3. Confirm the Biggest Challenge With Your Learners 

You don’t want to assume that you correctly identified the biggest challenge for your learners. Talk to them to confirm it. Once your learners confirm this, you have one of the best online course topics for your learners.

Don’t skip this step, as you may not have as good of a grasp on your learners’ processes and pain points as you think you do. Remember that you don’t have to overthink things. Use your learners as a resource. After all, they will benefit from you creating the course, as they will find a way to overcome the challenge you solve. Thus, it gives them an incentive to cooperate and be honest with you. 

Talking to your learners will be a key part of the course development process, not just choosing the best online course topics. As you create the content and choose an LMS, you will want to confirm that everything is how your learners prefer. 


Finding the best online course topics will set your eLearning course up for success. To find the best topic, start by thinking about what you are passionate about or what’s your niche. Your passion will show through the course, attracting and engaging learners. Then work to determine the biggest challenge that people within that niche face. Talk to your learners to confirm this is the biggest challenge and you have a topic. 

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