Top 3 Best Online Platforms for Courses and eLearning Programs

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There are thousands of eLearning platforms available to you. With that said, how is it possible to pick the right one for your learners? Luckily for you, our experts reviewed hundreds of best platforms, and in this blog, we will share the best online platforms for courses and eLearning programs. 


But before we dive in, to select the best online platform for courses, you need to know two types of eLearning programs.

Two Types of eLearning Programs


There are internal and external eLearning programs. Internal programs are geared toward employees, contractors, and other people working within your team. They help companies scale up or just become more organized. 


Meanwhile, external eLearning programs are those that are sold to customers. These are programs that are sold to teach learners how to do a variety of things or learn a variety of skills. 


Top 3 Best Online Platforms for Courses and eLearning Programs


The best software is defined here by the cost you pay for the value you receive. To put it simply, if you compare the value you receive and the price you pay, the following are the best you will get for a reasonable fee. 


Talent Cards


This internal eLearning platform is excellent because it is very simple for both you and your learner. It works in a similar way to Instagram posts. Talent Cards are simple to create and just require smartphones. 


Talent Cards is mobile-focused. This means it is designed to be simple to use on the go. You can also use it while offline. If you know you won’t be online, simply pre-download your training and continue like normal when away from the internet. 


Talent LMS


Talent LMS is from the same company as Talent Cards. They can be integrated together and are both budget-friendly while giving you a high value. This system is more robust than Talent Cards, providing more customization as well as gamification and the ability for more integration. You can start for free and build from there. 


With this platform, you have the ability for HTML, SCORM, five, and tons of options for customization. You also get SSO, making it easy to integrate with internal systems for a better experience for your learners. 




Kajabi is our number one recommendation for an external eLearning platform. Kartra is the closest comparable platform. But if you are not super technologically inclined, you will not like your Kartra experience. 


Kajabi is the simplest technology to use externally. You can create and host courses, as well as utilize email campaigns, sales funnels, website builders, landing page builders, forms, and more applications. These will all help you market and sell your course. The program has everything you need to reach your learners and work together. This lets you expand your knowledge in an organized, deliverable way. You can also try this platform for a month for free before your purchase. 




Your primary training goal will dictate which platform you are looking for. If you are training people outside of your company, look to Kajabi. If you are working to organize some internal training, consider Talent Cards and Talent LMS


Focus on your learners first, and from there, you will know which one is the best online platform for courses or eLearning programs you are creating. 

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