TOP 5 Best Microlearning Platforms You Should be Using

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Microlearning is the best way to keep your learners engaged. Luckily, there are plenty of platforms that make microlearning easy. We’ve gathered the best microlearning platforms, including options for both internal and external e-learning. 

Remember that the platform you should use for microlearning will depend on numerous factors, including the type of course you offer. For example, some platforms are ideal for either internal or external programs, not both. You also need to think about your learners and the type of experience that they will prefer. After all, your course is all about appealing to your learners and addressing their challenges. 


TalentCards is our top recommendation for internal training programs. Talent Cards has an incredible learner interface since it functions much like social media. As your learners go through their lessons, they will have an experience similar to using TikTok or Instagram, so navigation is highly intuitive. 


Kajabi is at the top of the best microlearning platforms for external courses. That is because Kajabi is so much more than just an LMS. It also features many elements of a business management system. To start, you can upload your microlearning videos to Kajabi. You can also use Kajabi to sell and market your course, which you can learn through its step-by-step process. You will also find multiple helpful features you need for your course. 


YouTube is another top choice for microlearning due to its accessibility. Most people use YouTube regularly, and it is already popular for e-learning. After all, if you need the answer to a question that isn’t part of an online course, YouTube will likely be the first place you look for it. 

One great thing about YouTube is that you can also use it for shorter videos. The YouTube Shorts are incredibly similar to TikTok, so you can use them for microlearning on an even smaller scale. 


Another great choice is Spekit, a contextual LMS. As a contextual LMS, you use it with another type of software. In other words, it overlays on other software. Originally, Spekit was created to be used with Salesforce. As it is expanding, you can now use it with other software as well. Because of this flexibility, we recommend Spekit if your e-learning will involve Salesforce. 


eduMe is very similar to TalentCards in terms of the learner experience. Your learners go through courses by flipping through various cards. This makes it a good alternative to TalentCards if you prefer not to use the platform for any particular reason. 


The best microlearning platform for internal training is TalentCards, while Kajabi is the best choice for external programs. Whether you have an internal or external course, we also suggest you consider YouTube, thanks to its various features and ease of use. You can also consider Spekit if your training involves Salesforce or eduMe as an alternative to Talent Cards. To decide the best platform to use, consider the goals of your course and your learners’ preferences. 

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