Top 5 Best Types of eLearning Content That Are Simple to Make

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Some people are overwhelmed by the idea of how to create eLearning content, but you don’t have to be. Here, eLearning Partners, a Denver-based company specializing in eLearning, gathered the five best types of eLearning content that are simple to make. Use them alone or combine the various types of eLearning content in a way that works for your course. 

#5. Action-based Workbooks

Workbooks have been a staple of education for centuries because they work well. As a bonus, they are incredibly easy for you to make. However, the key is that you don’t want to make a workbook just for the sake of creating a workbook. The fact that it is action-based is crucial here. 

The action-based aspect of the workbook means that it needs to serve a purpose and create value. For example, we have a workbook that you go through and map out the process of producing a course. Then, once you finish it, it becomes a blueprint and management system as you create the course. 

As mentioned, workbooks are incredibly simple to make. You can make them in Google Docs or Google Sheets for free. If you have a Microsoft license, you can make them in Excel or Word. 

#4. Audio

Audio is an ideal type of eLearning content because it lets you appeal to a wider range of learners. Many people listen to podcasts and audiobooks and creating an audio-based course lets you take advantage of this. With an audio course, you give learners the freedom to multitask while learning. Maybe they will listen on their daily commute or while exercising. 

On top of that, making an audio lesson is very straightforward. If you already have a video you want to turn into an audio file, save it as audio in your computer’s settings. Or you can create content from scratch with your phone’s audio recording feature. The only caveat is that you need to ensure your audio sounds clear. 

#3. Lightboard

Lightboard would be number one on our list of simple types of eLearning content if not for the cost. Unfortunately, the tech for Lightboard may eat into your budget. But the good news is that many public libraries have Lightboards that they let patrons use. If your library has one, you should consider this method of how to create eLearning content. Even if it doesn’t, you may want to consider it. 

The great thing about Lightboard is that it was specifically designed for recorded lessons. You write, and viewers can see the content you write. Just remember that Lightboard will record your writing backward, so you have to flip the video at the end (or learn to write backward). 

#2. Interactive Video

Many of the best types of eLearning content are interactive, which is why interactive video is such a great option. It may seem complex, but with the right software, it is very easy. On top of that, there are free programs like that let you create this type of content. 

VideoAsk was created to get feedback and customer testimonials, but it is very easily adaptable into an eLearning course. Use it to create questions that your learners will interact with. From there, you interact back with them to provide feedback. 

#1. Screen Capture Software

While screen capture software won’t work for all types of eLearning courses, it is among the most versatile methods of how to create eLearning software. You can use it to go through the workbook you created or a PowerPoint that you make for your learners. You can use it to show how-to processes, such as using software or searching for something. There are free options as well as paid options available. We suggest, which we use. 


Creating an eLearning course does not need to be overly technical. There are some great types of eLearning content that you can make with minimal effort or investment. From screen capture software to workbooks to audio, you need to decide which one works best for your learners and goals. 

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