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There's just something about diet plans that offer multiple, small meals per day that intrigue people. For starters, these diets often work when they're followed closely. However, it's the fact that dieters can eat these small, bite-sized meals that satisfy their cravings while still moving forward with their weight-loss goals.

Microlearning is a lot like that. Overdosing on information can discourage learners because their minds can't retain a flood of data that comes at them all at once. That's why taking advantage of eLearning content that's provided in brief, "bite-sized" chunks takes less time, and fulfills learner's with short attention spans needs.

Therefore, we're incredibly excited to provide the following list of top eLearning content providers for microlearning in 2021. Below, we're going to take an in-depth look at some of the biggest brands in this space. You'll find the right information you need to make a smart, informed decision when choosing to work with eLearning providers.

Best Performing eLearning Content Providers For Microlearning 2021

As an authority in the eLearning industryeLearning Partners is always watching the sector. We're constantly scanning the horizon to see which eLearning development companies are on the rise, which trends and developments are occurring, and which eLearning providers display the ultimate in authority, expertise, agility, interactivity, and more.

Accordingly, we only wanted to provide you with a list of the most innovative eLearning companies that are proven to constantly improve the microlearning experiences they provide.

With that in mind, we chose the following eLearning content providers for microlearning in 2021 based on the following criteria.

  • Niche specialization
  • eLearning expertise
  • eLearning quality
  • eLearning industry innovation
  • Company's social responsibility
  • Customer reviews

It's understood, of course, that sustaining impeccable quality demands exceptional skill. Consequently, we believe the eLearning providers below are motivated by something much more than their bottom line. All of these industry leaders have a clear and purpose-driven path when it comes to the microlearning options they make available.

Without further ado, look no further when it comes to the best of the best in eLearning Content Providers For Microlearning 2021.

Let's get started, shall we?

eLearning Partners

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eLearning Partners, an award Winning eLearning company in Colorado, believes that eLearning, especially microlearning, is crucial for today's education due to the instant gratification culture we live in. People want to learn as easily as they can purchase whatever their hearts desire on Amazon on demand.The place for both learning and development has moved to the online space. Consequently, eLearning Partners' tailor-made eLearning development process (the LISO Method) was formulated to produce eLearning content 7X faster and with 50% higher engagement than the industry.

Consequently, when you work with eLearning Partners, you will never miss a deadline and will provide the best user experience for your learner. 

Need help clearly defining the objectives of your eLearning or micolearning project? Book a free consultation to hear about our eLearning Partner Packages.

Aims Digital

Aims Digital Logo

Aims Digital has been at the front of the pack, providing solutions, keeping up with trends, and ensuring a learner-centric focus since 2002. Designed to always take into account learner attention spans, Aims Digital's microlearning solutions make the most of a learner's knowledge retention and engagement. Engaging in presentation and attractive in design, their learning "nuggets" focus on maximum content delivery while keeping the modern workforce's mobility needs in mind.

Commlab India

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One of the most in-demand rapid authoring tools experts and eLearning solution providers in the industry is CommLab India. Helping companies offer suitable training solutions to their employees, CommLab India ensures these are provided in appealing formats, which take advantage of microlearning. Moreover, CommLab India identifies where microlearning can help design the right assets and choose the right content from the very beginning. They deliver unforgettable learning experiences by combining instructional design principles with authoring tool expertise.


Dashe & Thomson

With a concentration on designing and developing learning solutions for companies all over the country, Dashe & Thomson is a full-service development consulting and learning business. Their stated mission is to ensure that learners obtain the knowledge and skills necessary to carry out their jobs with confidence and proficiency. To that end, their understanding of who their clients' customers and employees are informs the solutions they provide. Adult and modern learning principles like microlearning, prior experiences, and client organizations' unique strengths are the foundation of all their designs. Indeed, each client's needs are met by Dashe & Thomson custom-made, award-winning microlearning solutions.

Designing Digitally

Design Digitally Logo

Specializing in providing clients with educational, entertaining and engaging learning experiences, Designing Digital, Inc. includes gamification and microlearning in each employee training program. Offering a broad range of solutions, the award-winning company incorporates interactive, tailor-made training simulations, serious games, eLearning, and microlearning. Every development is custom made specifically to each client's overall goals and learning needs.


A multi-award winning company, Learnnovators specializes in the development and design of custom eLearning workplace solutions. Accordingly, they've been working to address skill and performance gaps within the workforces of their clients. This has been accomplished through custom eLearning and microlearning solutions that are consistent with overall business objectives. Services offered by Learnnovators include microlearning, tailor-made eLearning, gamified learning, blended learning, Moodle customization, localization, and mobile learning.


Obsidian Logo

Instructional Designers, graphic designers, software developers, and learning strategists comprise Obsidian's professional team. It's a given that their staff is devoted to ensuring lasting and engaging learning experiences. Because of that, microlearning has become an essential component of their current solutions and eLearning programs. Today Obsidian engages learners and helps boost overall business performance through interactive learning programs. These can and do include anything from animations and videos, knowledge resource centers, short gamified learning interactions, and highly sophisticated learning programs.


Octivo Logo

Only one goal drives Octivo. Reaching that target requires making digital learning fun, usable, and beautiful. To that end, Octivo offers a cross-User Experience with unbelievable interactivity for top-of-the-line user engagement. On any given platform, users receive precisely the same feature-rich, interactive experience. This remains true across devices, whether that's tablet, mobile, or desktop. Finally, using Octivo's authoring tool, microlearning becomes utterly easy.

Upside Learning

A front runner in the world of learning technology solutions, Upside Learning has helped more than 150 organizations globally. These businesses have improved their performance through custom microlearning, eLearning, UpsideLMS, and Responsive and Multi-device solutions. Through Upside Learning, organizations all over the world have received engaging learning solutions that deliver real outcomes. In turn, business objectives are met through constant performance improvements.

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