What Is an LXP (Learning Experience Platform)?

When creating a course, you will likely need to use tools and software to build, host, and distribute your program. The most common software that does this is an LMS - Learning Management System. But there are also a few alternatives that offer additional benefits, such as LXP or a BMS. What is an LXP, you may ask? Let’s explore. 

So, What Is an LXP? 

First of all, LXP is a Learning Experience Platform. Right from the start, you can tell that it’s about the Learner Experience.

LXP Does Everything an LMS Does Plus Some

As a refresher, an LMS hosts, sequences, and delivers your course to your Learners. It also has data collection and analytics to tell you how the program is performing, what is the engagement like, and so on. 

Your LXP will also host and sequence your course and collect data, enabling you to improve your course in the future. But an LXP also goes beyond that. 

LXP Offers Social or Community Component 

The first major added feature of an LXP is its social media component or community aspect. LXPs allow Learners to engage with each other, and post and comment on one another's posts. This helps with peer-to-peer feedback and learning enhancing the overall learning experience. 

LXP Has User-Generated Content 

The user-generated content in an LXP is somewhat an extension of the community component, with additional features. In an LMS, the content is only created by your subject matter experts or course creators. Only the administrators create content, not students. 

But with an LXP, learners also can create content. So, your learners will create content that they think is useful for other learners. Your learners can share their best practices and tips. This delivers a high level of engagement and provides additional perspectives. 

It Delivers a More Personalized Experience

Learner experience platforms also deliver a more personalized experience, further driving engagement. This is a unique use of the data collected on these platforms. Remember that data collection is part of an LMS. But your LMS doesn’t necessarily use the data for personalization. By contrast, an LXP will use that data for personalization which makes your program more effective. 

Overall Boosted Engagement 

As mentioned, the personalized experiences that come with an LXP further boost engagement, as do other aspects, like the community and user-generated content. This kind of interaction proves important because higher engagement also means more efficiency and productivity. 

These features benefit you and your learners. Each learner will enjoy and maximize the course, making it more likely for them to recommend your course or take another one from you in the future. 

Our LXP Recommendations

If you decide that you need an LXP, our top recommendation is Kajabi or Valamis, or Thrive Learning Suite. They all have their own advantages, and many of our clients use them for their internal and external programs. 


An LXP has all the features of an LMS, including hosting, sequencing, and data collection. It has additional features, such as a social media or community component, user-generated content, and a high level of personalization. 

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