What is Spekit? Innovative Solution for On-Demand Training

As much as 70% of learning happens on the job. Unfortunately, many companies burden already overwhelmed employees with additional tasks, such as completing training while multitasking or helping clients. It leads to high-stress levels and low retention rates. Alternatively, training simply doesn’t get completed leading to mistakes that could’ve been avoided. Is there a better way? 

There is! It’s called on-demand training, and it allows Learners to get answers to their questions right when they need them. Spekit is one of the platforms that allow you to do just that. 

What is Spekit?

Spekit is an innovative learning solution that provides learners with on-demand training. It integrates with SalesForce, Outreach, LinkedIn, and Slack to deliver just-in-time learning. Therefore, it increases productivity and improves the learner experience.

Melanie Fellay, CEO & Co-Founder of Spekit, shared why Spekit was created and the profound impact it makes on accelerating the shift to on-demand training: 

"Spekit was born out of the vision of a world where learning naturally happens in the flow of work with knowledge that is contextual, personalized and instantly accessible that helps employees maximize the minutes of their lives. While I believe learning at work always needed to be reimagined and shift from being a "destination" or an "event," given how humans have adjusted to learning being instant in our personal lives with smartphones and social media, the recent pressures on employers to build self-sufficient, product remote workforces and a great employee experience have accelerated this shift to just-in-time learning, and Spekit is leading this path."

What’s On-The-Job Training? 

On-the-job training allows employees to get answers to their questions on demand. 

Twenty years ago, training could be completed in an isolated conference room with a group of employees and a trainer. Today, many companies rely on technology in their business processes, but for some reason, training procedures aren’t keeping up with the demand for real-time learning. 

Employees expect to get their questions answered immediately as they arise, and most will Google the answer instead of looking it up in the dusty company manual. On-the-job training with tools like Spekit enables companies to provide real-time customizable training to their employees when and where they need it. 

Spekit Overview: Innovative Solution for On-Demand Training

Many business owners struggle with productivity due to repetitive questions that arise during the workday and result in wasted time. These questions can be easily eliminated with on-demand eLearning. With Spekit, employees can get answers when and where they need them without interrupting their or their co-workers’ workflow.

The platform integrates with other technologies your team is already using, enhancing them instead of competing with them. This allows you to seamlessly integrate on-demand learning on top of software such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Seismic, Salesforce, Chrome, Slack, or ZoomInfo. 

During the work day, when questions arise, employees can access a small window that pops up right on their work screen, answering questions and pointing out solutions, so they don’t have to navigate away to another window or search bar. 

You may wonder where does all this content come from? Spekit offers pre-built customizable training bits that you can adjust to fit your business processes and the needs of your team. 

Spekit also provides you with a constant feedback loop thanks to the streamlined data collection and processing. The analytics provide valuable data on how your employees are using Spekit and the engagement rates of your team. 


What is Spekit? Simply put, it is a tool that will help you to improve your on-the-job training. Spekit works seamlessly with other web-based tools that are essential for the everyday business operations of effective teams.

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