What Is the Best Screen Recording Software for Training Videos?

Screen capture is among the easiest and most affordable methods of creating eLearning programs. There are numerous options for screen capture software, but Loom is the best screen recording software out there, in our opinion. Here are five main reasons why we believe so. 

Loom Is Free or Very Affordable

One of the reasons Loom is the best screen recording software for training videos is that not only is there a free “Starter” plan, but it actually has a lot of functionality. With that free plan, you can record as many as 25 videos, each being up to five minutes long. That means that you can create an entire eLearning program with the free plan. The free plan also allows you to test the features and see if your learners also like Loom before you commit to a subscription. 

If you decide to subscribe, Loom only costs about $10 a month. And that includes:

    • Unlimited recording length
    • Unlimited creators
    • Unlimited videos
    • Closed captions and transcriptions
    • The ability to embed videos and links
    • Engagement insights
    • Custom branding
    • Filler word removal 

Loom Is Easy to Use

Another thing we love about Loom is just how easy it is to use. You can choose between a desktop app or a Chrome extension. In either case, to start recording, just open the extension or desktop app and press “Start record.” When you’re done, just hit the button to stop recording. It is as simple as that. 

Loom Uploads Screen Recorded Videos to the Cloud

Using Loom also gives you the advantage of automatically having all your videos uploaded to the cloud. This saves you the hassle of uploading it to YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive, or another system. 

Not only is your video automatically saved into the cloud, but it also can be easily shared. Just share the link with your learners, and they get access to it. You can even easily organize your videos into folders. You can create folders for various courses and simply share folder links with learners. In other words, you can use Loom as your LMS

You Can Edit Your Videos in Loom

Part of creating video courses and screen grabs is editing them. Loom enables you to do this right in the platform, so you don’t have to load the video elsewhere or worry about moving it between programs. At the very least, you will likely need to clip off the beginning and end of the video, but you can also edit the middle parts of the video. The closed captions feature can also be useful as you edit. 

Easy to Share Links, Especially in Gmail 

We already mentioned that you could just share a link to a Loom video with your learners, but it’s even better when you share the link in Gmail. That is because Loom will automatically embed the video with the name you assigned it. No longer will the video title appear as a random string of symbols. Your video will have the title you gave it. 

Bonus: Learner Feedback

A bonus that comes with Loom is that learners can comment and use emojis at different points of your videos. This is an excellent way to get feedback directly from your learners. 


Loom is the best screen recording software for eLearning thanks to its free plan, ease of use, and cloud backup with easy sharing.

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