What Kind of Equipment Do I Need for Training Videos?

Creating training videos will require some equipment, but you may be surprised by how little you need. The exact equipment you need will depend on the type of video you plan on recording and the preferences of your learners. 

Types of Training Videos

As mentioned, the equipment you need depends on the type of training video. Types of videos are classified into two main categories, each with subcategories. The following summarizes them: 

Show and Tell Videos

These explicitly walk learners through specific processes. You tell them by showing them. 

Screen Capture

You go through the process on your computer, tablet, or other device and use screen capture software to record key steps of the process. 

Camera Capture

You record a subject matter expert going through the process. 


The process is illustrated using animation. This is not recommended because it costs a lot and is time-consuming. 

Practical Theory

With these videos, you explain how to do something without actually doing it. 

PowerPoint Recording

You outline the process in a PowerPoint presentation and use screen capture software to present each slide. 


You use a Lightboard to write or draw out the steps. 


You animate it, but once again, it’s not recommended. If you were to spend time and money on animation, it’s better to do show and tell. 

Equipment Needed for Each Type of Video 

Take a look at the basic equipment needed for training videos based on the type of video you choose to make. We will no longer discuss equipment for animated videos as they aren’t recommended. 

Show and Tell With Screen Capture

  • The device you will show the process on (computer, phone, tablet, etc.)
  • Screen capture software
  • Audio equipment
  • Editing software 

There are free and paid options for Screen capture software. The free software that we recommend is Loom. 

Show and Tell with Camera Capture

  • A camera (at least 4K) or your smartphone 
  • Audio equipment 
  • Editing software 

Practical Theory With PowerPoint Recording

  • PowerPoint slides, Keynote for Mac, or Google Slides
  • A device where PowerPoint is shown
  • Screen capture software
  • Audio equipment
  • Editing equipment 

Practical Theory With Lightboard 

  • A Lightboard
  • A black backdrop
  • Neon markers 
  • A camera (or smartphone)
  • Audio equipment
  • Editing software 

Keep in mind that Lightboards are expensive, but you may be able to borrow one from your local library. 

Important Notes on Cameras

We suggest that you use cameras that can take 4K video. This will give you the most editing versatility, including the ability to zoom in. Remember that you don’t have to buy a camera because your smartphone will likely be good enough for your training videos. 

Important Notes on Audio Equipment

You should not rely on your video device’s built-in microphone because this usually results in poor audio quality. Buy a microphone that doesn’t have to be expensive. You can get a good mic for just $25, or you can get a higher-end mic for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Do a cost-benefit analysis to decide on which mic will meet your needs. 


No matter the type of eLearning video you create, you will need a camera or screen capture program, audio equipment, and editing software. To determine what type of video to make and what exact equipment you need, take time to know your learners’ preferences. 

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