What Microlearning Trends Are the Most Impactful in 2022?

Online learning is constantly evolving, so it helps to stay up-to-date on the current microlearning trends. We’ve gathered the most impactful of these trends for 2022. For the best results, keep these in mind as you create your microlearning content

The Influence of the TikTok Generation

One of the biggest microlearning trends is the influence of TikTok. TikTok comprises short, fun videos, which are about just a few seconds, typically around seven. People love TikTok for many reasons, including the fact that it keeps content short and sweet. 

How do you incorporate this trend into your microlearning content? Keep your videos short and straight to the point. By simply opting for microlearning instead of longer lessons, you are already doing this to some extent. But you may want to consider making your learning bits even more bite-size, especially if your target audience is younger. 

Of course, you don’t want to take this too far. For example, it would prove counterproductive to divide an hour of eLearning into multiple seven-second chunks. Your learners may lose interest in going through all of it. Find a happy balance. 

The Google Phenomenon 

Another major trend in microlearning is searchability. We call this the Google phenomenon, as it comes from the fact that we can get information instantly from Google. The search engine lets us find what we need to know when we want to know it. 

You can incorporate this into your microlearning as well. In fact, searchability is one of the benefits of microlearning. Microlearning already divides your content into small chunks, each of which focuses on a specific topic. Then, by labeling and titling them correctly, you make it easy for learners to find what they need at any moment. They don’t have to watch hours of video content, or even several minutes, to find a specific bit. They can easily search, find, and view what they need to learn. 

Interactive Gratification

The final microlearning trend for 2022 is interactive gratification. This is when you create a microlearning program featuring a microlearning segment followed by interactivity from your user. You can do this by conducting a microlearning lesson with a quiz at the end to test the learners’ new knowledge. You can also take the opportunity to ask questions. 

Coinbase offers a very good example of this strategy. Coinbase is a cryptocurrency exchange, and the platform launched a learning section where you can learn about various topics in exchange for a small reward in cryptocurrency. You read an article or watch a video, and Coinbase asks you to take a short quiz. If you make a mistake, you can simply retake the quiz. 

When you get the answers right, you earn your reward. On top of that, Coinbase offers new learning topics and quizzes each month. Doing this brings people to their website at least once a month in anticipation of the next topic and the rewards that come with it. 


The biggest microlearning trends in 2022 will be the TikTok influence, the Google phenomenon, and interactive gratification. Incorporating these into your microlearning content can help keep your learners engaged and improve the success of your course.  

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