What Should I Wear for My eLearning Lightboard Video Shoot?

The decision of what to wear for any photo shoot is important. If you haven’t shot a Lightboard video before, you may wonder if the rules for this type of video are unique. While you could technically wear anything you want for a Lightboard video shoot, we suggest you follow five rules. 

#1. Skip Logos or Specifically Order Shirts with Reverse Logos

It’s common to want to wear clothing with your company’s name or logo in your eLearning video shoot. Doing so can add a professional feel to the video and helps with advertising. But remember that as part of the editing process, you will mirror your Lightboard video. This is necessary, so you don’t have to write on the Lightboard backward. 

Because you will mirror the video, anything on your shirt will appear mirrored in the final video. So, if you want your logo to appear on your shirt in the video, it needs to be printed or embroidered backward. You can achieve this by having shirts printed at custom shops. Alternatively, you can just skip wearing logos. 

#2. Wear Solid Colors 

When choosing your outfit, always opt for solid colors. Clothes in solid colors reduce the risk of distractions. It also prevents the risk of worsened quality due to the patterns in the shirt. 

No Microfibers

You may not realize it, but clothing with microfibers appears patterned when you look at it closely. A high-quality video causes the same issue as a shirt with a pattern. So, avoid wearing microfiber shirts, which can cause some video issues.

#3. Be Aware of Glare from Glasses 

If your subject matter expert wears glasses, be aware that there is a risk of glare. This is especially true given the fact that Lightboards use so many lights. 

This doesn’t mean that you can’t wear glasses. We sometimes wear glasses in our Lightboard videos anyway, as a little bit of glare doesn’t bother us. It’s natural. But if you don’t want glare, have your subject matter expert swap out their glasses for contacts. 

#4. Remember Jewelry Is Mirrored

The fourth point is regarding jewelry and goes back to the fact that you mirror the video during editing. Any jewelry the subject matter expert wears will appear on the other side of their body. This isn’t a concern for most types of jewelry, but there are some notable exceptions. The most notable is a wedding or engagement ring. If you want it to appear on the right hand in the finished video, your subject matter expert must wear it on the opposite hand while filming. 

#5. Choosing Your Outfit Color

Finally, we suggest one of three options for the color of your outfit. Remember that we suggest solid colors without patterns. 


Black is a classic option. If you use a black background, it can create a floating head effect, where the subject matter expert appears to be just a head floating. This can help focus the learners’ attention on the subject matter expert. 

Dark Colors

A dark-colored shirt is our favorite choice. The head of the subject matter expert really stands out against the black background, but you can also see an outline of the rest of their body. This eliminates the potential weirdness of a floating head, but it still keeps the attention on the face and Lightboard. 

Bright Colors

Finally, you can opt for a bright color. This will make the subject matter expert stand out. Red, orange, and yellow are very popular options. 

Always Think about Marker Colors 

When choosing your outfit color, make sure that it won’t make your markers hard to read. Simply put, don’t use red markers and wear a red shirt or a similar combination. 


To ensure that you prepare for your Lightboard video shoot accordingly, follow these steps to make sure that your outfit should look professional and cause minimal distractions. 

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