Who Owns Copyright to Kajabi AI Generated Content?

You’re curious about using Kajabi AI but not sure who will own copyright over content. We get it. It can be confusing. So, in this blog post, we’ll cover who is the rightful owner of the content generated by AI. 

Who Is The Copyright Owner of Content Created With Kajabi AI? 

General AI Copyright Laws

Before delving into Kajabi specifically, it's crucial to understand copyright laws relating to AI-generated content. 

In the United States, the general consensus is that the creator of the AI tool owns any content produced by it. 

On the other hand, in the UK, the author of the content, even if it's generated within an AI tool, retains ownership rights. These distinctions can be complex and vary by jurisdiction.

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What’s Kajabi AI?

Kajabi is a comprehensive platform that incorporates various AI tools to assist creators in developing online courses, memberships, and digital products. These tools include Kajabi Creator Studio and automatic AI content generation features.

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Who Owns Kajabi Generated Content?

According to Kajabi's official stance, creators retain full ownership of the content within their Kajabi portals. This means that if you create content using Kajabi's AI features, you are the rightful owner.

Kajabi explicitly states that creators have the freedom to export their content at any time, reinforcing the idea of ownership. 

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In conclusion, Kajabi empowers creators by granting them full ownership of the content they generate using its platform, including AI-assisted content. This assurance provides peace of mind to creators who invest time and effort into crafting valuable digital products.

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