3 Tips on How to Get the Most Out of Your eLearning Content Library

Purchasing an eLearning content library can be an incredibly convenient way of amassing the content you need. Whether you buy an eLearning content library or take the time to create one yourself, you will need to know how to use it to get the best results. There are three main steps to get the most from the content library. 

#1. Understand the Biggest Challenges of Your Learners

The most important part of using your eLearning content library is to know where your learners are in their journey and the obstacles they face. This idea of understanding the biggest challenges comes up again and again in e-learning because it is so important to get the best results. 

If you know your learners’ biggest challenges, you can search your content library to see if you already have courses that address those challenges. Or if you are thinking of buying additional content, you can decide what to purchase based on how well the content addresses those major challenges. You may even decide that you don’t need to buy the content that’s being sold.

#2. Organize the Content 

Once you know your learners’ biggest challenges, it’s time to organize the content in your library based on those challenges. This will make it significantly easier for your learners to access the content they need. 

If the eLearning content library is not organized, no one will engage with it. Even with a well-organized library, you still have to convince learners to engage. But with a poorly organized one, you also have to convince them to care enough to look for the information they need. Organizing the content makes it easier for them to find relevant information, reducing resistance to the course and boosting engagement. 

#3. Promote the Content 

Finally, you need to promote the content within your eLearning content library. You can’t just gather a bunch of content and expect your employees to initiate their learning process. Even a well-organized content library would gather only a handful of learners, if any. 

Promoting the content in the library is all about communication. Let your team know what content they can find, how it addresses their biggest challenges, and how they can benefit from it.  

Sending out emails is an excellent strategy for this. Emails explaining that you organized the content based on major challenges should cause engagement to skyrocket. You will also need to remind your learners that there is an existing content library. They already have a lot of other concerns on their minds, so they may forget if you don’t remind them. 


Once you buy or create an eLearning content library, you need to put it to good use. As with most other parts of e-learning, start by determining your learners’ biggest challenges. Use those challenges to organize your content. This will also let you see what content you still need to buy or create to address your learners’ needs. From there, you need to let your learners know about the available content that is organized based on challenges. Continuous email promotion will be crucial to engagement. 

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