4 Strategies to Outsource Course Creation

Creating an online course isn’t an easy task – it takes time, energy, and dedication. But there are ways to ease your load if you have too much on your plate. In this post, we'll explore four effective ways to outsource your course creation, and we'll even provide you with a step-by-step process to make the journey smoother. 

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How to Outsource Your Online Course Creation Like a Pro? 

#1. Choose the Right Learning Management System (LMS)

Before you dive into outsourcing, you need to determine where your course will live. If you're uncertain about which LMS to choose, consider checking out our blog post on how to choose the right LMS for you. Our personal favorites, Kajabi and Learn Worlds, both offer expert networks to assist you in building your courses.

#2. Leverage Your Network

Your professional network can be a valuable resource when it comes to eLearning. Reach out to connections on LinkedIn who might have expertise in eLearning, or consider asking your strategic partners if they know someone who can help.

#3. Research Potential Companies

If you plan to work with a company to build your eLearning program, extensive research is crucial. Google and YouTube can be excellent resources to check for the reputation of the company or experts you intend to hire. A good digital footprint and a positive online reputation are signs of a reliable partner.

#4. Assemble an Expert Team

Building an expert team is essential for the success of your course. Platforms like Fiverr and Upwork can connect you with talented individuals and businesses. However, it's crucial to embrace the 80/20 rule or, even better, the 90/10 rule. This means that only a small percentage of service providers are truly exceptional. To find the top 10%, you may need to communicate with numerous potential freelancers.

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