5 Video Hosting Platforms for Online Courses

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If you are creating an eLearning course, it will likely include videos. So, you need somewhere to host them. There are plenty of options, but which offers the best video hosting for online courses? We have gathered our top choices. 

Video Hosting Platform #1. Wistia

Wistia is an incredibly popular option for video hosting for online courses. There is a free version, along with various versions for about $99 a month or even more advanced versions. Wistia also offers a white-label solution, which means you may already be using Wistia via an LMS without knowing it. We use Kajabi for hosting our course, and it's one of the platforms that give you access to Wistia without additional cost. 

Video Hosting Platform #2. YouTube

YouTube is an obvious choice among the best video hosting platforms for online courses, and for a good reason: It is incredibly popular and easy to use. To use it to host an eLearning course, you want to set your videos to private or unlisted and then share the link with your learners. You can put your videos in a playlist for extra organization. Many LMSs also let you embed YouTube videos or link them. Talent Cards, for example, will embed YouTube videos into your cards. This makes YouTube the best video hosting for online courses on Talent Cards. But it is also great for other LMSs. 

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Video Hosting Platform #3. Vimeo 

Vimeo is another incredibly popular option, thanks to its range of features. Vimeo is pretty similar to Wistia, but Vimeo is more geared toward creatives and filmmakers, while Wistia is more geared toward business videos. So, consider Vimeo if you have a narrative focus. To use Vimeo for your video hosting for online courses, password-protect your content. You will send your learners a link and a password so they can access it. A bonus of Vimeo is that it also features a screen recorder for yet another video creation option, although it is not the best screen recorder. 

Video Hosting Platform #4. Loom

Speaking of screen recorders, Loom is our favorite screen capture tool and one of the best video hosting platforms for online courses. In addition to recording videos, you can also host your videos on it and embed them. When you record a video on Loom, it automatically uploads them to the cloud. From there, you can create folders and organize the videos to create courses. Then, share the links to the folder with your students. You can even upload videos to Loom even if you didn’t record them using the platform. 

Video Hosting Platform #5. Native Hosting in Your LMS

Our final suggestion is to consider the native hosting built into your LMS. Many LMSs have their own native hosting as yet another feature for users. As mentioned, many LMSs will actually have Wistia via a white-label solution. Or, as mentioned, you could use Loom as an LMS to host your videos. There are also other options, such as: 


Once you create the videos for your eLearning course, you will have to figure out where to host them. You need them to be somewhere secure yet accessible to students. We suggest using Wistia, YouTube, Vimeo, or Loom. Or you can use the native hosting in your favorite LMS, which may actually be the white-label solution of Wistia. 

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