5 Ways to Use Loom AI in Course Creation

If you're a course creator on the lookout for seamless video development, Loom has just upped its game with five incredible AI tools integrated over the past year. In this blog post, we'll delve into these tools, highlighting their benefits and how they can revolutionize your online course creation process.

5 Ways to Use Loom AI in Course Creation

#1. Filler Word Removal for Free

Loom's desktop app automatically removes filler words during recording, enhancing the quality of your videos. The best part? This feature is available for free, offering a neat solution to common speech hesitations.

As of the recording, the desktop app also offers 4K capabilities, unlike the extension. Beyond resolution, the desktop version employs AI to automatically cut out filler words like ums, uhs, likes, and you knows while recording. This feature eliminates the need for meticulous scripting, providing a smoother recording experience.

#2. Automatically Generated Video Titles

Upon upgrading to Loom AI, video titles are automatically generated based on the content of your video. This feature simplifies the post-production process and used to be a complimentary service, further showcasing the value of Loom AI.

#3. Summarization and Chapter Breakdown

Loom AI goes a step further by summarizing your video and breaking it down into chapters. This allows viewers to navigate seamlessly through different sections, enhancing the overall user experience. For course creators, this feature provides a structured approach to presenting content.

#4. Suggested Tasks for Actionable Videos

Perhaps the most exciting feature, Loom AI suggests tasks based on the video content. If your video includes actionable steps, Loom AI can automatically generate suggested tasks. This can be a game-changer for productivity, helping you and your audience take immediate action on the information presented.

#5. Automatic Transcription with Loom AI

Last but not least, Loom AI automatically generates transcripts based on your video content. Unlike other platforms, Loom's transcription is quick, usually done right away, and remarkably accurate. This eliminates the need for separate transcription services, saving you time and money.

Loom AI Pricing Details

While some of the AI features come free with the desktop app, to unlock the full potential of Loom AI, there is an additional cost of $4 per user per month. Considering the time saved and the enhanced capabilities, many find this to be a worthwhile investment.

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In conclusion, Loom AI has truly transformed the landscape of online course creation. From effortless video recording to intelligent AI-driven features, it's a tool designed with course creators in mind. If you're ready to elevate your online course game, consider exploring the possibilities that Loom AI has to offer.

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