How to Recover a Loom Video Stuck in Processing: A Step-by-Step Guide

Let us reassure you – we absolutely love Loom. We use it all the time when working with clients or recording green-screen videos. But as with any technology, things happen. One time, our one-hour-long Loom video got stuck uploading. We were furious. “Do we need to rerecord all of this AGAIN?” Luckily, we found a way to recover our Loom video, and we want to share this process with you in case this ever happens to you. 

How to Recover a Loom Video Stuck in Processing?

Step 1: Use the Loom Desktop App

To avoid the risk of your Loom video getting stuck in processing, we recommend using the Loom Desktop app for recording versus the Chrome extension. Luckily, we used the Loom Desktop App when our video got stuck uploading, so it was backed up on our computer. Because of this, we were able to reach out to Loom customer support and get help recovering the backup file. 

Step 2: Check the Video Recovery Status

If you find yourself stuck with a Loom video that's taking too long to process, it's crucial to check the video recovery status. Fortunately, Loom provides a dedicated link where you can easily monitor the progress of your video recovery. This will give you insights into the ongoing recovery process and provide an estimate of the remaining time.

Step 3: Locate the Missing Parts

During the recording process, Loom creates a temporary file on your computer that contains the missing parts of the video stuck in processing. To proceed with the recovery, you need to locate these missing parts on your computer. Use this link for Mac and this link for Windows. By retrieving the missing parts, you'll be one step closer to resolving the processing issue.

Step 4: Send the Missing Parts to Loom

Once you have successfully located the missing parts of your Loom video, it's time to send them to Loom for assembly. You can securely submit the missing parts to Loom's support team via a form. They will then utilize the provided files to assemble your video, effectively resolving the processing problem. Loom will inform you of the expected time it will take to complete the recovery process, ensuring you stay informed and updated throughout.


Dealing with a Loom video stuck uploading can be frustrating, but by following these four steps, you can recover your video and get back on track. Utilizing the Loom Desktop app, checking the video recovery status, locating the missing parts, and submitting them to Loom will help resolve the processing issue efficiently. 

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