How to Automate Your Online Course Business?

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No matter the type of eLearning course you are creating, it is natural to want to learn how to automate your online course business. After all, automation is the key to efficiency. In this article, we will take you through automating each of the three pillars of eLearning. 

Pillar #1. Automating the Content

Content is the first pillar of eLearning and the hardest one to automate. But the good news is that you don’t really need to automate it. That is because once you create the content, you can use it forever. In our experience, it is much more effective to create a single piece of solid eLearning content than several smaller ones. 

If you want to automate video content creation, you will want to document your progress through the three main phases. 

Pre-Production: This is when you determine the biggest challenges your learners face and look at their personas to figure out the type of content they prefer to ingest. 

Production: You can somewhat automate the production process by using screen capture software. 

Post-Production: Post-production refers to editing. 

Automating any of these steps will typically involve outsourcing. That is why it is so important to document your progress through the steps initially. This documentation will serve as a guide to whoever you outsource the process to. The easiest of the three parts of the content pillar to automate is post-production. 

Pillar #2. Automating the Technology

Technology naturally incorporates some degree of automation thanks to the LMSs that you use. There are various LMS platforms to choose from, but our favorites are Kajabi and LearnWorlds. The biggest difference between the two is that LearnWorlds will also accept SCORM files

One thing we love about both LearnWorlds and Kajabi is that they also feature various other tools, such as sales and marketing. 

Pillar #3. Automating Distribution 

Distribution is perhaps the easiest part of how to automate your online course business. You will do so by automating each of the four aspects of your distribution. 

Marketing Channels

Your marketing channels are where your learners can find you. This is where they interact with your content and get access to your lead magnet. Examples are YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. 

Lead Magnet

Your lead magnet is crucial to the automation process. And like your content, once you create it, you can keep using it. But the key to an effective lead magnet is to provide value. You need to give away something valuable to attract people. Our masterclass is a perfect example of a valuable lead magnet. 

The idea is that your lead magnet will provide remarkable content. It will give learners an idea of what to expect from your course. Specifically, it will impress them, making them likely to buy your course. 

Automated Email Sequence

When someone takes advantage of your lead magnet, they will give you their email address. You use this to start an automated email sequence. You can set up these automated sequences on both LearnWorlds and Kajabi. 

Landing Pages

These are where people end up when they go through your email sequence. The landing page is the final push to buy your course. 


Learning how to automate your online course business can improve your efficiency. You don’t necessarily need to automate the content creation, as you can reuse the same content over and over again. The distribution is easiest to automate, and so is technology. 

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