How to Dress for Your Video Shoot?

Once you decide on the content to include in your eLearning videos, you still have to decide what to wear. Many people are intimidated by how to dress for a video shoot. Follow these basic tips to be prepared and confident in front of the camera

Tip #1. Consider Location 

Start by considering the location. First of all, will you be inside or outside? This can affect things like lighting, framing, and backgrounds. Even if you are shooting inside, think about where you are shooting. Will you be in front of a dark backdrop, a green screen, or a lightboard? This is important because a green shirt could work with a lightboard video, but it won’t work with a green screen. 

Tip #2. Consider Framing 

Next, think about the framing for the video. This refers to how much of your body will be visible. Simply put, you don’t have to worry about clothing that won’t be visible. So, if your framing is just your upper half or from your chest up, it doesn’t matter what pants, socks, or shoes you wear. But if your whole body is in the shot, plan everything. 

Tip #3. Stand Out From the Background 

When you start to look at outfits, make sure to choose something that will help you pop from the background. So, if you will have a dark background, consider light-colored clothes. 

Tip #4. Stick to Solid Colors and No Microfibers 

In addition to the colors of your clothing, you should pay attention to patterns. It is always best to stick to solid colors. That is because patterns can be distracting, whether they have designs, stripes, or something else. They’re not only distracting, but these patterns may appear odd in the video itself. This is especially true with higher-quality video, such as 4k and higher. 

You may not realize it, but clothing with microfibers has the same issue as patterns. It will show up on high-quality video, leading to distractions or even the video appearing fuzzy. So, skip the microfibers. 

Tip #5. Take Care With Logos

You may want to include a logo on your shirt, but there are a few things to consider. First, only wear something with a logo if it is your logo. You don’t want to wear someone else’s logo in your video. 

And if you are shooting a lightboard video, remember that you will flip the video in editing. As such, your logo will appear backward in the final video. So, skip logos for lightboard videos. If you want to include a logo, get a custom-made shirt with your logo flipped. 


Here are some bonus tips on how to dress for a video shoot. 


  • Check your teeth for food before shooting
  • Make sure your face isn’t shiny
  • Choose contacts over glasses when possible
  • Know that glasses come with a risk of glare



Now that you have a better idea of how to dress for a video shoot, you are ready to prepare for the shoot. With the above tips in mind, your learners should be able to focus on the content of your videos, not your appearance in them.  

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