How to Engage Students in Online Learning

Most online course creators wonder how to increase student engagement in online learning, and it’s not surprising, only 5-15% of online course takers actually complete it! So, today, we'll explore five ways to make your eLearning more interesting, interactive, and authentic. 

5 Ways to Engage Students in Online Learning

#1. Share Your Story

One powerful way to connect with learners is by weaving personal stories into your content. Sharing experiences creates an emotional connection, making the material more relatable. 

For instance, if you struggled with something that you teach in your course, share this experience to connect with your students who are most likely are currently struggling with this issue. It will make them feel less vulnerable and more hopeful and motivated to take your course. 

#2. Inject Humor

Humor is a universal language that can significantly enhance the online learning experience. While delivering content, incorporating humor can lighten the mood and keep learners engaged. 

The key is authenticity – be yourself and let your personality shine through, avoiding forced jokes that may come off as insincere.

#3. Call to Action

A critical aspect of successful online learning is the inclusion of actionable steps for learners. After presenting theoretical content, guide them on what to do next. 

This could involve completing a workbook, submitting a video, or any other tangible action that reinforces the learning process and takes them closer to their goals.

#4. Encourage Interaction

Engagement doesn't end with the lesson – fostering ongoing interaction is crucial. 

Incorporate discussion forums, comments on modules, or any platform that allows learners to interact with each other and with the content. This not only maintains interest but also provides valuable feedback that can shape future course improvements.

#5. Choose the Right Learning Management System (LMS):

Picking the right LMS is fundamental to delivering an effective online learning experience. The presenter emphasizes understanding your specific needs, whether it's for internal employee training or external product sales. The choice of an LMS plays a crucial role in enabling calls to action and facilitating learner interaction.

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By injecting humor and storytelling, encouraging interactions and including call to actions thorough out your course, you can significantly increase student engagement in online learning. Also, don’t forget to ask your learners about their challenges and feedback on your LMS and content! 

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