How to Reduce Employee Turnover With eLearning

Most companies want to reduce employee turnover, but it is quite challenging. You can offer good benefits and compensation, but it’s not always enough to keep your employees happy and engaged. What if your employee moves? Or what if someone can offer them even better benefits? While you work on how to reduce employee turnover, you can start by reducing its negative impacts on your company

eLearning Preserves Tribal Knowledge 

One of the hardest things about employee turnover is the loss of knowledge that comes with employee attrition. This is referred to as tribal knowledge, which is knowledge in your organization that employees have accumulated over time. Tribal knowledge is priceless, and when an employee leaves, you instantly lose it. 

Still, you can overcome this challenge by making turnover easier with eLearning. Simply capture that knowledge into eLearning programs. Ask your experienced team members to serve as subject matter experts for your programs. That way, you will always have their knowledge on hand, even if they leave your company.

Your Senior Team Can Focus on Important Tasks 

Using eLearning is not just a way to capture the knowledge of employees before they potentially leave. You can also use eLearning as a way to streamline training and let your team focus on their main responsibilities. For example, if someone has sales goals to hit, they may not have time to work toward them because they are constantly answering the same questions over and over again. 

It may be more productive to set aside time from their busy schedule to develop those questions and their answers into an eLearning course. Then, anytime someone needs training or has a question, they can easily access the course.  

This strategy will help reduce employee turnover because your team won’t feel as if they are pulled in all directions. They will be able to focus on their primary task, which is what they are good at and enjoy the most. In turn, employee stress, frustration, and the risk of burnout will likely decrease.

eLearning Saves You Money 

Finally, eLearning can help you save money associated with employee turnover. This is especially true if you spend money flying new hires out for in-person training. Between flights, lodging, and meals, you can quickly rack up the costs. If the training takes a while, those costs only increase. 

With eLearning, you can train your employees no matter where they are. You don’t have to pay for them to fly out, stay in a hotel, or eat out at restaurants. This means less money is spent on each employee. In the long run, it will be less of a financial hit if they leave your company shortly after being hired and trained. 


If you are wondering, how to reduce employee turnover, eLearning is a great option. It will reduce turnover by letting your senior employees focus on their main responsibilities instead of constantly answering questions. It also lets you reduce the negative consequences of employee turnover, from wasted money to the loss of tribal knowledge.

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