Is Rehearsal by ELB Learning Good For Video-Based Coaching?

It’s easy to teach theoretical material online, but what about soft skills like sales that require a lot of practice and role playing to develop? Can these be taught online? As it appears, they can. And new technologies allow for a more seamless learning process. One of these technologies is Rehearsal by ELB Learning. Let’s take a closer look at Rehearsal and how it works. 

Is Rehearsal by ELB Learning Good For Video-Based Coaching?

What Is Rehearsal? 

ELB Learning’s Rehearsal is a video-based platform for practice and coaching. It is used asynchronously. While it is most commonly used for sales enablement and sales in general, it is agile enough to work for a long list of use cases. 

Leadership can easily use it for things like training, employee onboarding, new hires, customer service, customer success teams, and anything else that requires practice. 

How Rehearsal Works – The Learner Experience? 

When learners log into the platform, they will see scenarios that their leadership team or trainers have created. Sales leadership, L&D, or another part of the team may create the videos depending on the company’s goals. 

Learners only see their own use cases within Rehearsal, not everyone else’s. This prevents them from being overwhelmed by features and situations that they don’t need. 

Each use case is a pre-recorded video from the instructor of the course. It can be whatever the training requires, whether instructions from a subject matter expert or the front end of a role-playing situation. Learners watch that video and review the information. 

Then, they record themselves practicing the skill in question. You can record and re-record yourself as many times as you want. This lets you practice the skillset over and over until it is mastered. Some common uses include practicing elevator pitches, negotiations, or overcoming objections. 

If preferred, learners can also record a video off the platform and then upload it. 

What Does The Coach Do Next? 

After the learner submits their practice sessions to Rehearsal, their coach can review the videos on the ELB Learning platform. This gives them the opportunity to provide feedback. More importantly, they can give that feedback whenever they are available. 

Rehearsal Frees Up Time and Adapts to Schedules

The major appeal of Rehearsal is the fact that both the learner or trainee and the coach can use it whenever they have the time. They can focus on other responsibilities that are more time-sensitive. Importantly, the option to record their practice (for the learner) or review the learners’ practice (for the coach) is always there. 

This makes it much more scalable because the coach can easily fit the feedback into their schedule. This, in turn, allows them to give those one-on-one responses. After all, they don’t have to sit with the trainee while they practice repeatedly. They can just watch a single video where the trainee has already honed their skills. 

It Is Customizable

Because Rehearsal is part of ELB, it can also build custom content for organizations as needed. This makes it very easy to build specific scenarios based on a company’s needs. 


Rehearsal is a tool that lets learners practice their skills before giving their coaches a chance to review those skills and deliver feedback. This tool helps learners and coaches save time and effort during training sessions.

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