Kajabi Tutorial: How to Use Kajabi for Email Marketing

If you are creating a course to sell to external learners (not within your organization), we typically suggest using Kajabi as your learning management system. This gives you a range of built-in marketing tools, including email marketing campaigns. Learn how to use the Kajabi email marketing tool. 

Start by Building an Email List

Before you can use the Kajabi email marketing feature, you have to create your email list. This is crucial, and every single company should be doing this. Having an email list means that you will still be able to contact your leads even if another platform you use, such as social media, changes algorithms. Or if Google’s algorithms change and you no longer rank highly for SEO, you still have email lists. 

The best practice for building an email list is to include it on your landing page for ads. This is crucial because only about 1% of people who click on an ad will buy right away. But 20 to 30% will sign up for your email list. This gives you the chance to continue targeting those 20 to 30% of people instead of just wasting your ad spend. 

But don’t just include the email on your landing page. Offer something of value in exchange for providing their email. You want to offer a high-value giveaway like a PDF or masterclass to encourage people to leave their email addresses. 

The Two Main Types of Email Campaigns: Nurture vs. Sales

When you create emails in Kajabi, you will have one of two main types of campaigns. Nurture email campaigns are there to keep your course fresh in the mind of recipients. They do not push sales. By contrast, sales campaigns do push the sale. 

Nurture Campaigns

The ideal nurture campaign will be one email per week. At the very least, send one per month. The goal here is to stay fresh in the mind of potential clients. You don’t even need them to open the email, as long as they see your name in the sender field. But you do want to provide value when they open the email. For example, we share our valuable YouTube content on nurture campaigns. 

Sales Campaigns 

Sales campaigns will be shorter sequences. They can be as many emails as you want, but we suggest starting with about five emails. Provide value in the first two without pushing a sale and start including a call-to-action in the last three. 

Creating Email Campaigns on Kajabi

When setting up nurture campaigns on Kajabi, you will want to do an email blast. An email blast is a one-time email that you send to a large number of people on your list. In Kajabi, you can enter the text of the email and who will receive it. 

For sales campaigns, set up email sequences on Kajabi. These are sequences of emails that are triggered by an action, such as filling out the contact form. Kajabi lets you schedule when each email goes out and fill in text and images. Choose day zero in Kajabi to send an email right away. 


Kajabi makes email marketing easy, as you can manage it from the same platform as your LMS. Just fill in the blanks in the templates and choose when to send the email or who receives it and you are set. 

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