Our Favorite LMSs for Enhancing Learner Experience

eLearning technology changes daily. New LMSs appear, and new features get introduced to learners regularly. So, which LMSs should you use to enhance learner experience in 2023? 

We have two favorite LMSs that we use and recommend to our clients regularly because their features not only enhance the learner experience but also offer a great backend experience for admins. Here, we will talk more in-depth about these two technologies. 

What LMSs Are Good For Enhancing Learner Experience? 

Before we review our favorite LMSs, we want to remind you what a learning management system does: 

  • Hosts your course
  • Sequences your course
  • Delivers your course
  • Collects data 

As we look at how our favorite LMSs – Kajabi and Talent Cards – enhance the learning experience, we’ll review them through the lens of what LMS should do. 

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Kajabi for External Courses

We suggest Kajabi for external courses. If you plan on selling any courses, this is our recommended LMS, which we also use. You can use our link to get a 30-day free trial instead of the normal 14-day free trial.

Kajabi is modestly priced, especially considering that it is a business management system, not just a learning management system. You can use Kajabi to manage your entire online business of selling courses. 

You can create a new course to see how it hosts your course. You’ll enter a title, upload an image, and add content. When you save it, Kajabi will build your product, which is your course. From there, Kajabi sequences your course by letting you add individual modules. Modules can include video, audio, assessments, written content, and more. You can add files, such as automations, workbooks, and downloadable content. You can also create submodules for further sequencing. 

In terms of delivering the course, your learners simply need a login. From there, Kajabi will collect data on your learners and course. But as a business management system, it also collects data on opt-ins, subscription metrics, revenue, and more. To see data collected on your users, you can easily look at the product progress and offers, sold affiliates, and other information. 

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Talent Cards for Internal Courses 

For internal training, we suggest Talent Cards. Using our link will not only give you the free version but will also give you upgraded features for free. 

To start hosting a course in Talent Cards, create a card set. You choose a name and have the option of single- or double-sided cards. The sequencing in Talent Cards comes from the actual cards within your card set. You place the cards in the order that you want to deliver the content to your learners. Best of all, Talent Cards lets you enhance your learning experience because it is mobile-first. That makes it very intuitive for learners when you deliver the course to them. 

Talent Cards also gives you plenty of useful data on your learners. You can see how many users you have, how many times each set has been completed, and more. You can also see seasonal leaders, thanks to gamification. Talent Cards enables you to download reports, either as a detailed document or an infographic. 

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Kajabi lets you enhance learning experience for external courses, while Talent Cards does best with internal courses. Each of these LMSs will host, sequence, and deliver your course, as well as give you data on your learners and content. 

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