3 Best Ways to Brand Your Online Course or eLearning Program

Whether you are selling your online course externally or need to market an eLearning program internally, you will have to work on branding, as it is a key part of marketing. Online course branding may seem overwhelming, but you don’t have to overthink things like the color choice. Instead, there are three main things you want to focus on. 

#1. Choose the Right Course Name 

Successful online course branding starts with choosing the right name for your course. You want something simple yet easy to understand and remember. Ideally, it will also give a hint of what your course is about or the challenges it solves. 

For example, our course is called the eLearning Simplified Academy. We chose this because people regularly tell us that eLearning is complicated, so we want to simplify it. This is a key takeaway – you can turn to your learners for ideas of what to call your course. Look at the feedback they give you or what they want to learn and turn that into a course name. 

#2. Set Up Your Sales Page 

The next part of online course branding is creating a strong sales page. There are two crucial parts of the sales page that will set you up for success. 

Make the Learner the Hero

First, as you set up your page and decide on the content, focus on the learner. Make your learners the hero. In other words, don’t talk about yourself and why you were ready to make the course. Talk about your learners and how the course helps them. Tell website visitors how your learners have changed thanks to the course. 

Include Testimonials 

Supplement the learner-centric approach on the sales page with testimonials. Testimonials prove that learners really experience the transformations that you say they do. When potential learners hear from people who have seen results with the course, they will be more inclined to believe it is great. 

There’s another important thing to keep in mind when it comes to testimonials. You want testimonials for all of the content you produce. So, they can include testimonials about your masterclass that is a lead magnet in addition to those for the course itself. 

#3. Use Emails 

Our final tip for online course branding is to use emails. This includes both sales email sequences and onboarding email sequences. Onboarding email sequences are the messages that learners receive after they buy your course. As you create each email sequence, brand it by giving away value. Your goal is to have your email sequence deliver results. 

Importantly, as you write the emails, try to include a personal touch to build a personal relationship with your learners. This can include being vulnerable and sharing your story. This helps people connect with you. For example, we share our story about going $150,000 into debt and getting out of it on our way to becoming eLearning Simplified. 


Start your online course branding off on the right foot by choosing a name that’s simple to remember. Then, work on a sales page and an email sequence to further optimize your branding. 

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